The EBC trek is an amazing experience of the beautiful landscapes and biodiversity of Nepal. You will love the adventurous expedition to the highest trekking terrains in the world. The trek is equally challenging, so you will need proper preparation and proper packing for the trip. This is no different if you are a female trekker looking to trek to Everest Base Camp.

You will come across majestic mountain Himalayan ranges throughout the trail as you trek. As you continue forward on your expedition, you will reach new heights and experiences. The exotic Everest region, where you will be spending most of the time in isolation away from all the facilities of city life. You will need courage and dedication to complete the trek.

The trek is also favorable for women. As Junko Dabei conquered the summit of Mount Everest in 1985. Women all around the world, we encourage you to compete with your male counterparts on achieving new heights.

You should not hesitate and test your potential to its limits. The EBC trek is the perfect platform to follow in the footsteps of Junko Tabei and achieve greatness in the majestic Himalayas.

But there are a lot of things to consider before you plan your adventure on the Everest trek. The temperature and the weather vary according to the seasons of the year. So, you need to pack comfortable clothes and gear for the trek.

Your packing list will depend upon the time you trek to Everest Base Camp. You don’t have to worry because we will provide adequate information about the packing list considering the needs of a female trekker.

If you are planning your EBC trek, join us. We will organize your trip with memories that you will never forget.

Clothing for the Trek

You need to pack the right trekking gear and clothing for the Everest Base Camp expedition. The clothing depends upon the weather conditions. You should dress accordingly to the weather and climatic conditions. You need warm jackets and sweaters in winter. On the other hand, you will need light comfortable clothing on summer days. The list of things necessary for a female trekker is as follows:

Sports Bras

You will walk difficult terrains on the EBC expedition. So, it is important to carry a sports bar during your trek to high-altitude areas. You will sweat a lot during your trek. Therefore, a sports bra is a must because it acts as an absorbent material and keeps you dry and comfortable on your trek.

Down Jacket

A down jacket is mandatory when it comes to the trek. You will experience bone-chilling cold in the morning and evenings in the high altitudes of the trek. It is extremely cold from December to February. Therefore, you will have to pack a pair of down jackets to keep you warm when you hike in the cold morning.

Trekking Trousers

Like a Down jacket, Trekking trousers are also necessary clothing to carry for the comfort of warmth. Trekking trousers are always a lifesaver because it helps you cope with the changing weather and climate conditions. You can wear short or full-length convertible trousers according to your needs and the weather conditions of the Everest region.

Hiking Socks

You should carry a couple of hiking socks with you. Woollen socks are always the best choice to keep your feet warm during the long hiking to Everest Base Camp. We recommend you avoid packing cotton socks because it absorbs water and causes blisters. So, you should keep dry and warm hiking socks with you at all times.

Waterproof and Windproof Jackets

The surprising change in Monsoon will leave you wet and cold on the hike. So, it is necessary to bring a waterproof jacket with you. The waterproof and windproof jacket will protect you from the rain. You should also consider bringing windcheaters along because it keeps you protected from the high wind and cold of the Everest region.

Scarfs/ Neck bands/ Headbands

The temperature falls below the freezing point during the night in winter. So, you must wrap yourself with scarves and neckbands to protect yourself from the cold. Scarfs are useful in the winter season as they keep your face and neck warm. Similarly, headbands protect your head from the cold wind and the sun.

Light and comfortable cloth

During the summer days, you need to pack light and comfortable clothes. You will hike for 7 hours a day and heavy clothing may cause sweating and rashes in parts of your body. So, it will only ruin the trekking experience. Light clothing is comfortable when you travel long distances. Therefore, you must pack light clothes for your trek in the summer season.

Cap or Hat

Your face and neck are exposed to direct sunlight. The harmful UV rays can cause irritation and rashes on your body. So, you need to consider packing caps because they are very helpful for protecting your skin from the sun. The hats and caps are comfortable, lightweight clothing and it protects you from getting sunburn.

Shoes and Gears for Everest trek


Shoes are a deal-breaker, especially if you are planning your travel during the winter or monsoon season. You should carry comfortable boots with good traction because it makes the walk easy and keeps your feet dry and warm in from the cold. Durable trekking boots will not cause any blisters or bruises during the entire trek.

Down shoes

Down shoes are important if you are travelling during the coldest of months. It will protect you from the extreme cold at night. Your feet are safe and warm if you carry a good pair of down shoes with you.


Sandals are necessary while you use the bathroom in the lodges and tea houses. You can wear sandals during your leisure time and your excursion to the city areas.

Trekking bags

Trekking bags are lightweight and easy to carry during the EBC trek. It is always recommended to buy a trekking bag with sturdy zippers, waterproof materials, and comfortable straps. You should always carry a backpack with essentials that you might need throughout the day. Carry a rain cover for the trekking bags during the cold or rainy season.

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles act as support gear and are an invaluable asset for steep ascents. You can prevent your knees from pressure during the descent as you can lean your whole body weight on them. Trekking poles are easy to carry and are helpful when you are weak and tired from altitude sickness.

Head torch and spare batteries

Your teahouse might run off electricity sometimes and you will certainly have the urge to use the toilet at night. So, a head torch is really handy during those situations. You should carry headlamps for late-night or early morning hikes to your destination. You can also use them for reading and always keep a spare battery with you.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are expensive, so it is best to hire them from the shops in Kathmandu. The sleeping bag provides comfort and warmth at a higher elevation. You must buy small bag locks for security because Sleeping bags are invaluable during your trek to Everest Base Camp.


You should buy a comfortable rucksack if you are willing to carry your stuff. A rucksack is mostly carried by the porters for you. You must adjust the rucksack according to your height. This is because they must be as comfortable as possible to carry during the entire trek.

DSLR camera

Most of you might be amateur photographers, seeking to capture the surreal moments in the Himalayas. The trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and every moment of it can be photogenic. So, make sure you carry a quality camera with you to freeze and capture all those moments.

Polarized sunglasses with UV protection

Polarized sunglasses with UV protection are a must to prevent your eyes from UV rays at altitudes over 550m. Your eyes are exposed to direct harmful sunlight and you must pack a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the scorching sunlight.

Hydration sack

It is important to keep yourself hydrated during the trek. Hydration packs are easy to access compared to water bottles in your backpack. The hydration pack is inside your backpack and you can drink the water from a hoose. The hoose is placed through the top of your backpack and your shoulder strap making it easier to drink the water.

Drinking bottle

Drinking bottles are always helpful when your hydration pack is empty. You can carry any litres of water bottle according to your daily needs.


Gaiter is always necessary to protect your boots and trousers from mud or rain. The trails get muddy and slippery during the monsoon season. Gaiters protect your footwear from getting damaged by rain and mud.

Waterproof sack

You need to protect your electronic devices from the unexpected rains. The waterproof sack will help you to keep them safe for you. Your devices are safe and ready to use inside the Waterproof sack.

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Medications and Toiletries

Diamox tablets

There is always a chance that you might suffer from Altitude sickness during the trek. Diamox tablets can help you prevent symptoms of Altitude sickness. You may show signs of Altitude sickness as you gain altitude through the trek.

Blister Plasters

Uncomfortable trekking boots cause discomfort and develop blisters on parts of the feet. Blister plasters help you to recover from unwanted blisters. Blister always ruins the fun of trekking because they are irritating and agonizing. So, carry a blister plaster with you to avoid a similar fate.

Diarrhoea tablets

You may drink unclean water from the streams during your EBC trek. It may lead you to suffer from diarrhoea and it is certainly an unpleasant feeling. So, you must carry a diarrhoea tablet with you because it helps you make a quick recovery.

Water sterilizing and neutralizing tablets

The drinking waters in the trails to the trek are not pure and healthy. You must carry your purification tablets to ensure the disinfection of parasites and bacteria. The neutralizing tablets sterilize the water and get rid of all waterborne diseases.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are great alternatives to cleaning your hand. Since the water at Everest Base camp is cold, you can always count on Baby wipes to avoid freezing water. You can also use baby wipes to clean your feet because foot hygiene is really important when it comes to trekking.

Talcum powder

Talcum powder is important because it helps to keep your feet smooth and free from moisture. Talcum powder prevents the swelling of the feet and stops its build-up during the trek.

Travel size shampoo

You need to clean and wash your hair to get rid of all the dust and dirt from the long hike. The travel-size shampoo is always handy when it comes to taking a quick shower.

Sunscreen cream

You will need extra protection from the direct sunlight at such high altitudes. Consider carrying a sunscreen cream with you because it will protect your skin from the sunlight and dirt of the remote terrains.

Lip Balm

It gets cold during the early morning and late evening on your way to the base camp. Lip balms help you protect your lips and cheeks from drying out from the cold temperature. Your lips get chapped by the cold, sun and wind. So, you need to carry a lip balm with you.

Face masks

The trek to Everest Base Camp is dusty and it may lead to nose problems. You must carry a face mask with you, it protects you from catching coughs from the dust and improves the inhaling process of air.


A female needs to carry Tampons and Sanitary pads during their time of the month. It helps you to stay hygienic throughout the trek and does not cause any discomfort on the trek.

Trekking Towel

Trekking towels are useful for easy cleaning and it helps you to stay dry after a quick shower. It also acts as makeshift clothing for your privacy when you take a quick shower.


Maps are important for female travellers as it provides you with detailed information about the place. The adequate information from the map helps you on their trek and prevents you from getting lost.


There are always slight chances of danger on the trek. So, a whistle is important for safety during travel. You should always keep one attached to your backpack at all times.

Additional necessary items for the EBC trek are:

  • Headphones
  • Solar Chargers
  • Baby powder
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrush
  • Small Comb
  • Moisturizer for face and body
  • Pocket Knives
  • Nail clippers


These are the basic gears a female might need for their amazing expedition to Everest Base Camp. The trekking gear and clothing will make your trek easy and comfortable. They will help your body to adapt to the changing landscape and terrains to the higher elevations and help prevent altitude sickness. You must consider packing all the listed equipment and clothing to make your trek convenient and memorable.

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