Tour in Nepal gives you insights into tourism activities where you enjoy diverse natures, cultures, religions & people of Nepal. Tours in Nepal offers tours to primitive city areas, despite the onrush of modernism structures, still follow traditions that date back hundreds if not a thousand years for tours.

Tour in Nepal explore the diversity & cultural heritage of Nepal. Since, the prehistoric times, where you come across lifestyles of friendly people who ceaselessly ring temple bells calling upon the gods to destroy their enemies or to bestow them with riches for happier times.

Tour in Nepal includes tour in Kathmandu, tour in Bhaktapur, tour in Patan, tour in Pokhara, tour in Chitwan, tour in Lumbini, tour to Gorkha, Nagarkot Tour, Dhulikhel tour and all around Nepal. You have an assortment of varieties with schedules to match your conveniences. We also offer distant excursions to incredible natural beauty spots of consequential opulence of fantastic views with cultural varieties that covers the whole of the country. You literally amaze your senses with how people, despite their differences, live in peace & harmony with one another in Nepal.

Tour in Nepal is the best way to explore the arts and architecture of Nepal. Nepal is an archaeological paradise with UNESCO world heritage sites. Nepal has temples older like the sun and moon and only country in the world where history still lives on…virtually! Nepal is a paradise for having tour alongside of ancient cities, cultural and religious heritages and pilgrimages.