Kathmandu Gokyo Valley Lake Helicopter Flight 2024

Kathmandu Gokyo Valley Lake Helicopter Flight Tour Cost 2024
Kathmandu to Gokyo Helicopter Flight
What to see & doSpecific information about Kathmandu Gokyo Valley Lake Helicopter Flight 2024
  • Duration3 Hours
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Max Altitude 4750m
  • Starts at Kathmandu
  • Ends at Kathmandu
  • Trip Style Helicopter Tour
  • Group Size 5
  • Transportation Helicopter
  • Best Season Spring and Autumn
  • Direct helicopter flight from Gokyo to Kathmandu
  • Best aerial view of the Gokyo Lakes and Gokyo valley
  • Guaranteed flights all year round
  • Uninterrupted flights even when the weather is slightly poor
  • Cuts a few days of the hike while returning to Lukla from Gokyo Valley
  • Saves you from the worries of unpredictable Lukla to Kathmandu flight
  • Immediate response in case of health emergencies
  • Acceptance of last-minute booking
  • Available for private flights and group departure

After a week-long trek to Gokyo Valley, it's natural to want to avoid hiking back to Lukla to catch a flight to Kathmandu on the same trail passing through the same rugged terrain. We hear you, and we're here for the rescue. Be it a medical emergency or simply for a comfortable travel experience, whatever your reasons are, we are ready with a helicopter to get you back to Kathmandu. Your Gokyo to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight is just a call away.

Gokyo is a tiny village situated at the base of Gokyo Ri by the pristine Gokyo Lake in the Khumbu region, west of Everest Base Camp. Gokyo Valley consists of 6 such lakes that are the world's highest freshwater lakes. Although it isn't as popular as Everest Base Camp, Gokyo receives a fair number of trekkers every year. Gokyo Valley is truly the epitome of high-altitude trekking destinations. It has snow-clad mountains, pristine emerald-green lakes, and beautiful Sherpa settlements with the most hospitable people.

As the saying goes, "nothing great comes easy," you need to take a risky flight to Lukla and hike for weeks along a difficult trail in the rough Himalayan landscape of the Everest region to reach Gokyo. The way back is equally challenging. But with our Gokyo to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight service, you can completely skip the hike back and fly directly from Gokyo to Kathmandu airport on your return.

The helicopter takes about 1 hour or more to pick you up from Gokyo and drop you off at Tribhuwan International Airport Kathmandu. The aerial view of the Gokyo Lakes, the entire Himalayan range, small human settlements scattered in the Everest region, and the lively vegetation of Sagarmatha National Park looks like a piece of heaven. And we're here to make this dream trip of yours safe and joyful.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Gokyo to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight. We're here to address each of your queries and help you along the booking process.

Gokyo to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight Cost

There are two ways you can book your helicopter transfer from Gokyo to Kathmandu. The first is a private or chartered flight, and the second is a group departure. The cost varies accordingly, so you're free to pick the option that fits your preference and budget.

Group Joining

Joining a group is a cost-effective option for solo travelers or a small group of 2-3 individuals. You can divide the price of the helicopter flight with other travelers, thus reducing your share of the cost. There are a maximum of 4-5 people in a group as per the weight capacity of the helicopter.

Group joining Gokyo to Kathmandu Helicopter flight cost - $1300

Private/charter Helicopter Flight

If group joining does not please you, you can book a private helicopter trip from Gokyo and Kathmandu. Although these are expensive for a single individual, private or chartered flights are a great option for families or friends traveling in groups of 4 to 5. There is nothing like the feeling of gliding across the Himalayas with the people you love, taking in the vast vistas of the mountains below you.

Private/Charter Lobuche to Kathmandu helicopter flight cost - $4500

Note: Only the helicopter flight from Gokyo to Kathmandu is included in the price. The travelers are responsible for any extra charges or personal expenses.

Why take our Gokyo to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight?

Mesmerizing bird-eye view of Gokyo Valley

Lots of hikers go on weeks-long trekking journeys to embrace the mountains up close. But by taking the Gokyo to Kathmandu Helicopter flight, you can enjoy both the trekking adventure and a bird's-eye view of the high, snow-covered mountains in the Everest region. The entire Himalayan scenery, including glaciers, icefalls, nearby Sherpa towns, and lush flora, would be visible to you in its entirety. On top of that, the aerial view of Gokyo Lakes adds a cherry on top.

Fast, comfortable, and reliable travel experience

In addition to great views, the helicopter trip adds so much comfort to your tiresome journey. A chopper taking you directly from Gokyo to Kathmandu saves you a few hiking days and lets your body relax in its comfortable seats. Moreover, a helicopter ride is far safer and more reliable than the regular flights flying from Lukla to Kathmandu, which are infamous for being delayed or even canceled due to bad weather.

Medical Emergencies like injuries or altitude sickness

The helicopter flight operating in the Himalayan region in Nepal also acts as a rescue vehicle in the events of health crises. Due to the lack of proper health treatment in the Everest region, sometimes patients have to be taken to lower altitudes with better health care as soon as possible. In such cases of health complications, you can instantly book a flight that is equipped with oxygen cylinders to take you to Kathmandu.

Gokyo to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight Safety Tips

  • Pay attention to the pilot's or the crew's instructions while briefing.
  • Only get in or out of the chopper when the pilot signals.
  • Buckle up the seatbelt once you get on the helicopter.
  • Never attempt to switch seats while the helicopter is flying.
  • Guard your belongings, such as your hats and sunglasses. Avoid attempting to capture something that blows away.
  • Refrain from sticking your hands or cameras out the window while in flight.
  • Try not to interrupt the pilot's focus by asking too many questions.

These safety rules are for your own benefit. We expect all passengers to maintain the decorum to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.

Fly with us from Gokyo to Kathmandu to experience this beautiful aerial perspective of the snow-covered mountains, glaciers, icefalls, lush forests, Sherpa towns, and other natural treasures. Outfitter Nepal is always at your service. Feel free to reach out to us.

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