Paragliding in Pokhara

Paragliding in Nepal - One of most popular adventure sports !
Paragliding in Pokhara
What to see & doSpecific information about Paragliding in Pokhara
  • Duration1 Hours
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Max Altitude 1800m
  • Starts at Sarangkot
  • Ends at Pokhara
  • Trip Style Flying
  • Group Size 1
  • Transportation Private Vehicles
  • Best Season March - May and September - December

Outfitter Nepal offers Paragliding in Nepal and the Paragliding in Nepal especially operated in Pokhara and Paragliding is a relatively new adventure sport in Nepal, and is the simplest, safest and least expensive way of discovering the joys of flying to experience the aerial views of the magnificent Himalayas in Nepal, the Sarangkot, at 1,592, is the jumping off point for paraglide, from here, one can take in stunning views Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu and many more.

Paragliding is a truly fantastic and pleasing that any adventure lover can feel or experience, you can experience the extreme scenic dignity flying as vultures, eagles, kites, floating over the villages, monasteries, temples, lakes, and jungles, with a fantastic view of the magnificent Himalayas.

Sarangkot offers great views of Phewa Lake, where the sunrise and sunset rays land in and if you want to have paragliding, you do not need to have experience, as the qualified pilots will provide you full briefing before you launch, If you want to have funs with gliding why don't let us serve you.

Paragliding locations: We take a 20 min jeep ride from Pokhara uphill to Sarangkot viewpoint 2000ft above Lakeside and this is where we take off and from here we can see three highest mountains in the world, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manaslu, all over 8000m and we offer 3 types of tandem flights from here.

15 Ultra Light Flight tour- Day tour

Outfitter Nepal offer Ultra light flight or Ultra flight tour in Nepal and basically, this tour is operated in Pokhara, Ultra light flight or Gliding is an unique adventure in Nepal and we offer this flight around the exotic city in Pokhara, the ultra flight offers breathtaking birds,  eye view of Pokhara valley and surrounding mountain. Flights are operated almost throughout the year except during in monsoons June through august and those flights take place from sunrise to 11: am and from three pm to sunset every day especially if the weather is clear and the day is sunny and we have different ultra flights packages to meet the requirements of all kind adventure seekers.

Fly For Fun – 15 Minutes

Ultra flight Overview- This Ultra flight takes you over the city of Pokhara, Phewa lake, near Sarangkot hill, over the Buddha monastery and the south side of the city, this short flight at the speed of 50 km/hr to 90 km/hr will give you a panoramic view of the whole Annapurna Range with a view of another 8,000 miter peak, Dhaulagiri, in the distance and the maximum altitude attained is 5,000 feet.

Flight for fun package usually appeals to curious flyers that cannot turn down this unique opportunity, junior flyers (at least 8 years of age) or travelers on a budget.

Glory of Mt. Fishtail- 30 Minutes

Ultra Glide Trip Overview- This is by far our most popular flight and imagines 30 minutes soaring through the sky over and around the Pokhara valley! You will fly over the Tibetan refugee camp and as far as Lamachour, on the northern part of the valley as well as Phewa Lake and other interesting sights and capture all of your flight memories with your camera and without a window impairing your view or your camera’s view.

Glory of Fishtail flight takes you close to the Mount Fishtail (Mt. Machhapuchhre) foothills with the speed of approximately 90 km/hr and the views are simply superb and the flight leaves you feeling exhilarated.

Mountain Range Sky Trek- 60 minutes

Mountain range sky overview – the Pokhara is the perfect place to take this hour long flight and you can fly around the city and through the valley and eventually make your way to the edges of Mt. Fishtail (or Mt. Machhapuchhre) and on this flight you are so close to the mountain, it feels like you could practically wipe the snow off the peak with your hand and while flying through the air you can see 4 of Nepal’s highest peaks including Annapurna 1, Annapurna 2, Dhaulagiri, and Manasalu and these are all over the 7900 meter mark.

The Mountain range sky trek is a unique and unforgettable experience and adds that extra special touch to your travel memories in Nepal, the flight provides a great overview of the Annapurna Range with speeds ranging from 90 km/hr to 130 km/hr and the highest altitude of 12,000 ft.

Into The Heart of The Mountain- 90 Minutes

Into The Heart of The Mountain Flight over view - Though our A-22 is available for our popular 30min and 60min flights, it’s best attraction is the 90min “Into the heart of the mountain” flight which takes you deeper and closer to the Himalayan giants than anything else while allowing ample time to enjoy the sights.

You’ll fly past remote mountain villages that even trekking will miss and the experience of being surrounded by the Himalayas is a once in a lifetime experience, don’t mistake this for just a mountain flight as this is you, the pilot and the mountains and there are no tiny portals to impair your view, no other passengers to distract you from what you see.  Passengers who’ve flown on this flight described it simply as “Bliss”!

Cost DetailsGood to know before trip booking
What's Included
  • Transfers to sarangkot.
  • Paragliding flight.
What's not Included
  • Anything not mentioned in the included section.