Festival Tours in Nepal is the best way to take part on the celebrations of the Nepali festivals. Nepal is country of festivals and it is said that there are more festivals than the days we have in a year as Nepal is country of minorities having more than 125 ethnic groups of Nepal. Each of them have their own festivals so, there can be festival celebration by any part of Nepal each day.

Festivals tour are made to observe the festivals and you can take part with the local family on some festivals. You have to plan your tour to Nepal in festival times if you want to see the Nepali festivals, the most celebrated festivals in Nepal are Dashain, Deepawali, Chhat, Buddha Janyanti, Christmas, Mani Rimdu, Tiji, Maha Shivaratri, Holi etc… So, you can plan your tour to Nepal on the time of those festivals and observe the festivals and visit Nepal as well. Furthermore, most people make their trekking and tour plan to Nepal on those festivals so, they can see festivals and do other tours at the same time.

Festivals tours in Nepal are combined with other activities in Nepal such as trekking, hiking and tours and Outfitter Nepal have some festival tour package. Fine one of them that is suitable for you and do let us know when and which festivals do you want to observe then we make festival tour plan for you.

The Festival tours in Nepal are popular these days as people around the world want to see the people’s way of life, celebrations, traditions, culture and these cultural heritages are the main attraction of tourism of Nepal. Festival tours with some natural heritages like safari, river rafting and trekking is the best way to know Nepal So, we invite you to plan your Nepal holidays in festival times that make your holiday better.