Namaraj Gauli, a Dhading native with over 20 years of expertise in Nepalese tourism, is a sustainable tourism entrepreneur. After earning his bachelor's degree in business administration, he began his career as a porter. He climbed his way up the tourism ladder by transforming himself into a trekking guide. With his years of hard work and dedication, he finally managed to establish himself as a trekking and tour operator in Outfitter Nepal alongside his trusted colleague.

In a short period, he won success after success in the Nepalese tourism industry. His infectious passion and years of experience in the tourism industry prompted him to create Outfitter Nepal in 2008 with the help of Raj Kumar Basnet. He now serves as Chairman of the Outfitter Nepal.

Namaraj is also an avid traveller! He has travelled all over the world namely in India, the United States, and European countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and a few others, which has provided him with incredible opportunities to learn about the principles and nature of global tourism and to establish business relationships with tourism entrepreneurs from various countries.

He intends to contribute to the protection and preservation of the country's rich nature and culture for future generations. He holds a strong commitment to encouraging environmentally sustainable techniques and a strong belief in improving the lives of local people through the greatest benefits of tourism. He has mostly specialized in the areas of adventure tourism, rural tourism, cultural tourism, agrotourism, and ecotourism.



Namaraj Gauli (NG)
Founder/Managing Director