If you have traveled with us already in the past then you already have known us or if you are traveling with us for the first time then you will know about us once you complete your trip with us and the difference to travel with us as the "Outfitter Nepal Treks and Expedition P. Ltd." is a local based trekking, tour, travel and outdoor company with over a decade of extensive experience in Nepal’s tourism industry, the company, fully owned & operated by Nepalese professionals has led tourist visitors on adventure holidays through some of the most rugged and remote mountainous regions of the Himalayan country of Nepal; Tibet, India and Bhutan.

We are expert seasoned outdoor operator that offers some of the most thrilling experiences in the raw wilderness across some of the most remote & beautiful terrain in the world, our ‘Pure adventure’ trips cut across of-the-beaten-trails. We have behind us over a decade of experience in escorted ventures that cover some of the most adventurous spots on the planet…we’ve trekked some of the toughest terrain on earth & despite the blood, sweat & tears we’ve experienced on the way, we did not hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure that our guests were always safe & enjoyed the trails & landscapes…even in areas without human settlements…but raw beauty that left our guests gasping for breath every yard they trekked through…we reckoned this is what true holidays were made of…holidays that became lifelong stories for the generations on the way…heading back home with exclusive Himalayan pictures hung in some of the most favorite rooms at home…

Our Crew members

Our programs across Nepal and into Tibet and Bhutan are led by talented and professional tour and trekking guides who not only know their jobs well but also enjoy it thoroughly, Our guides are well versed on the trials that come on the trails and the rivers and possess extensive knowledge on the destinations you choose, the guides enlisted on our payrolls are highly trained & most of them were born on the mountains & are highly experienced and can save lives if & when required. We are proud of them for one aspect in their difficult line of work…they simply love their jobs…& take much pleasure in serving their fellow beings…

Why it’s important that you need to travel with Outfitter Nepal?

A real pragmatic holiday experience is always at the heart of all our adventures ... an adventure travel holiday is about what you learnt from your holidays, whether viewing Everest, the world's highest mountain, from a trek to Base Camp of Everest, witnessing the magical aura of the Annapurna Himalayas or enjoying in the festivities of a Deepawali street party in Kathmandu or sitting amongst the village folks in some remote outpost below towering mountains, we aim to capture the spirit of this experience on our adventure journeys into the wild. Our wilderness tours are about discovery, personal achievement & companionship.

They will test your patience, inspire your emotions and flirt with all your senses. Traveling the paths less trodden, visiting remote communities, old sites and awesome landscapes are one and the same when planning your holidays with us and it is about learning, about experiencing and there is fun and it is also about knowing yourself and discovering yourself.

We at Outfitter Nepal are extremely committed to preserving the natural environment when we plan your holidays and make doubly sure that the area is kept clean on the conclusion of our programs and we strictly adhere to the norms of the International Porters Protection Group (www.ippg.net) and make sure our guides and porters are well equipped and geared to providing you flawless services, always keeping in mind at all times first and foremost; your safety and protection throughout your program and We do not make camp fires and we strongly discourage trekkers from buying wood-fueled hot showers in lodges along the trail.

Our compassionate programs ensure we ‘give something back’ to our people in the areas that we travel. Our current initiative is project called ‘Practical Tourism’’ – ‘Keep the Mountains Clean – Give back to the Community’’. The concept behind our Practical tourism program is based on the culture of “travel with a purpose”. It is a range of small group adventures, each about two weeks in length, whereby participants commit four to five days of their holiday to making a difference to a community in need.

When we started off in 2008; Outfitter Nepal is one of the fastest growing tour company in Nepal and it was our vision to provide our guests with extraordinary holiday experiences and despite our having come a long way today; our approach to travel remains the same and we are just as passionate like the way we were in the very beginning. Come & Share this passion of ours and embark on the journeys of a lifetime, whether you’re one of our past travelers or totally new to us.

We invite you to look through the array of small group journeys & itineraries featured on our highly informative website, view our true to life Itineraries, when we tell you about a bird or some unique specimen of a flower, or if it's a shrub or a particular ridge or some green hillock; it’s there for real, just the way you read about it.

OUTFITTER NEPAL invites you to Nepal…go tell it on the mountains…in the cities & everywhere…because it’s an invitation to another world…a world you didn’t know…a world that ensures your freedom…a world that tells you…you are born free…as free as the grass grows…as free as the wind blows across the mighty Himalayas of lovely Nepal.


"Discover the world and yourself"- traveling is not only about airplanes, car rentals, hotels and walking etc, moreover, the traveling is about discovering the new worlds and yourself, experiencing new destinations, people, cultures, landscapes, lifestyle & meeting new people and brings lots of memories and knowledge to home and share with the families, friends and beloved one.

We at Outfitter Nepal have vision to become number one wholesale travel/tour/trekking company by providing variety of services including: trekking in Nepal, 4 season outdoor breaks, adventure sports, cultural tours, historical excursions, classic countryside walking, treks on off-the-beat-trails, wild river rafting, remote wilderness trek, overland tours, visiting exclusive heritage sites, thrilling mountain bikes, educational tours, spiritual tours, cozy home stays, practical volunteering, unique jungle safaris, domestic & international ticketing & reliable and safe transportation services throughout the Himalayas of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet to discover these parts of the world.

Our special NO FRILLS prices dont have any hidden costs & can cope with any level of tourists that even extends to the budget and shoe-string backpacker & the discerning traveler from any corner of the globe.


Our mission is to provide first hand trekking and hiking, sightseeing and tours, climbing and expedition, wildlife and safaris , rafting and river adventures, outdoor activities and all the travel related service at competitive price within its destinations (Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet) to any level of tourist from any corner of the globe with continued commitment to ensure that we have a lasting positive effect while our tourism can be a real help to local communities generating income, positive cultural exchanges and protecting the natural environment.