Nepal is the best destination for the trekking and hiking holidays. Nepal itself is a trekking region as Nepal is mountainous and Hilly Country. Nepal offers many world famous trekking including Everest Base camp Trek and Annapurna Base camp Trek, however many new trekking destinations and routes are researched and found times and again.

Nepal has unlimited places and routes for trekking, the Government of Nepal with the co-operations of private tourism entrepreneur have been researching and finding new trekking destinations. So, there are many news trekking routes those are recently opened for trekking. The Newly opened trekking routes offer great views of Himalayas, Hills and River Valleys. New trekking in Nepal goes through many high mountain passes, mountain terraces. These newly opened trekking are virgin land and not explored So, We at Outfitter Nepal Treks and Expedition invites all the nature lover to explore the new trekking areas before it gets crowds.

The Newly opened trekking trails offers a wilderness experience in both natural and cultural aspect and you can observe the isolated mountain villages of Nepal where people are surviving by growing their own food and these people are unaffected by modern civilization.

Outfitter Nepal tailor make and customize new trekking itinerary for all the regions in all new trekking regions in Nepal and all our trekking crew are ready to guide you all way to new trekking destinations of Nepal, Find some of the newly opened trekking program here on page.