Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Helicopter Rescue in Nepal
Helicopter Evacuation in Nepal
What to see & doSpecific information about Emergency Evacuation
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Max Altitude 5000m
  • Starts at Kathmandu
  • Ends at Kathmandu
  • Trip Style Helicopter Trip
  • Group Size 5
  • Transportation Helicopter
  • Best Season Any Time

Nepal has many high mountains trekking, climbing and expeditions and Outfitter Nepal offers all the adventure trekking, climbing and expeditions in Nepal. Cause of the unpredictable mountain weathers and trekking in the high Himalayas, the chance of being injured and mountain sickness cannot be neglected while you are on trekking in Nepal, Climbing and Expedition in Nepal.

In case of any Injure or Mountain sickness, the Helicopter is only the way to rescue or evacuate trekkers form the mountain in Nepal, and these services are expensive in Nepal so, we at Outfitter Nepal strongly recommend buying travel insurance that cover the Emergency evacuation and medical treatment and you can have the same information about the policy that you need to buy and it should cover on our Travel Insurance page.

Helicopter Rescue or Evacuation also known as Medevac and we strongly recommend our travelers to confirm with the insurance company that you are buying the policy that covers the emergency Evacuation or Medevac in case you required while you are in trekking in Nepal.

The Outfitter Nepal is authorized Travel and Trekking company in Nepal to arrange Helicopter Services in Nepal for the emergency rescue and evacuation for our clients. Being a local company in Nepal we have good contact with the helicopter company in Nepal and Helicopter service providers, more over with the popular and well-known travel medicine centers and hospitals.

Helicopter Rescue or Evacuation also know as Medevac We offers best and reasonable price for the helicopter services, mountain rescue and evacuation services in Nepal So, we offers these service to our own clients and to the national and international travel insurance companies as well, So, let us know if you need helicopter rescue or evacuation in Nepal.