Some of the remote areas of Nepal were restricted for foreign visitors to trek until 1991 AD and those restricted areas are located in north border from east to west. After the Revolution in 1990 AD and once multiparty democracy established in Nepal, the restricted rules has been changed together with new democratic constitution regulation and opened for visitors to visit and trek in those restricted areas of Nepal.

Those restricted areas now called Government controlled areas and special trekking permits are required to purchase to trek and the price of trekking permits on those areas are expensive compare to other trekking areas of Nepal. The regulation to control tourism in those areas are designed primarily to protect the environment and cultural of the remote regions and peoples and to provide the security and safely for both foreign trekkers and Nepal's northern border with China (Tibet).

The treks in Restricted Areas of Nepal must be fully arranged through registered Trekking Company of Nepal. It has to be fully equipped trained trekking guide and staffs. The trekking agency arranges the trekking permit through a series of applications and guarantees letters. You cannot trek alone in the restricted areas of Nepal. You should be at least 2 people in the group to do trek in the areas of Restricted Areas.

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