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The Langtang Region is so specially known for its natural beauty & it’s lovely rural settings & colorful villages that are backed by vibrant cultures & traditions where the congenial local folks literally welcome you ‘home’, offer you tea & some even invite you over to share a meal with them. And ironically, Langtang is just a hop, step & jump from the chaotic hustle that’s Kathmandu today.

The Langtang region is in a league of its own & is a favorite trekking destination for first-time hikers from most corners of the world. Since it includes the best combination of the natural and cultural heritage of Nepal’s Himalayas and is the nearest of the Himalayas in Nepal from the capital city of Kathmandu; most trekkers find this region to be a convenient destination for a holiday in the wild.

It is well known that the culture and the lifestyle of the Tamangs and Sherpa communities of the Langtang region are still an unspoiled society till this day; the culture & traditions down here have not been affected by the Chinese invasion of Tibet in any way whatsoever.

OUTFITTER NEPAL’s Trekking programs have been well designed for those who are keenly interested to learn about this unique culture and the lifestyles of the local folks particularly in this region of Nepal. A part from this - the most popular trekking for the Himalayas includes Langtang Lirung at (7246m), Gang Chhenpo at (6388m) and Dorje Lakpa at (6966m). Moreover, it’s a heavenly bliss when you reach Kyangjing since it is surrounded by the lovely silver grey snowcapped white Himalayas which give you the special feeling of a little paradise on God’s earth…it doesn’t get any better than this…

Our Langtang Family Trekking with Langtang Valley Trek also include the vibrant cultural heritage of Nepal - we will take you to the most popular historical sites in Nepal covering Kathmandu durbar squire, Monkey {Swayambhunath) temple, pasupatinath temple and Bouddhanath stupa {the oldest in the world} which are listed as UNESCO world heritage sites as well .

The Family trek in Langtang may also include a thrilling Chitwan jungle safari in the lush green belt of eastern Nepal where the children can experience the wilderness of the jungle as well and can see the many rare species of birds and the animals including the one horn rhino, wild boars, deer, monkeys and many other wild animals.

The safari will also include an exciting elephant back ride across ravines deep into the jungle where you may even spot a tiger yawning in the glades. Your tour in Kathmandu will be accompanied with a licensed professional English speaking guide so, inquiry us for the detail itinerary and grogram in Langtang Region for your family with children.

Raj Kumar Basnet

Raj Kumar Basnet

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Raj Kumar Basnet holds more than two decades of travelling experience in different regions of Nepal. He has trekked in both popular and off-the-beaten-path Nepali trekking trails which have allowed him to gain expertise in tourism. With years of field experience under his belt, he is now concentrating on sharing as much of his tourism knowledge as possible. Now, the co-owner of Outfitter Nepal, he hopes that the knowledge he’s gained over the years would deem helpful for the travellers visiting Nepal!

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