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There are several reasons why you should trek in Nepal with a guide, the trekking in Nepal is not a easy task and most of the trekking in Nepal are in high elevation and goes through jungles and remote lands so, it is always have a risk when you go for trekking holidays in High mountain land in Nepal and when you trek with a guide you are always safe and there is always guide to support you.

More over there are many people trekking in Nepal Himalayas without a guide and they still have successfully completed the trekking however it is not always the same as there are many case that many people have been lost in Nepal mountain while they are trekking and they are not found yet and even could have been found where they lost and what had happen to them, so, it is always safe while you trek with a guide and some of the most important reasons why you should trek with a guide are given below.

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To have worried free trek in Nepal

When you trek with a guide, you are worry free of any thing, as there is not chance that you will be lost on  trekking trail as the trekking guide in Nepal are pathfinder as well when they know the trekking route well and a guide will take you on right trail while you are on trekking in Nepal.

For your safety and security

When you trek with a guide, you are always safe and the guide will let you know how to walk in the mountain and how to be safe from the possible avalanches or anything on trek.

To have room booked on trek

When you trek with a guide, the guide have connection with the local lodges on the trekking trails and they book room for you in advance and there is always room ready for you when you reach at the lodge/guest house on trek as we have seen that there is lot of difficulties to find room when people do the trek independently and the trekking trails of Nepal is too busy on best trekking months such as September, October, November, March, April and May.

To check the trekking permits

When you trek alone, you do not where you need to check your trekking permits as it is illegal to trek in Nepal with out permits and the guide know where to take the entrance trekking permits and where to check and registered your permits so, trekking with guide make you so much easy for these works.

To know the local information

A guide is non paid ambassador of Nepal and you will get to know  lot of information of the places you trek in Nepal such as the locality, the people, culture, lifestyle, geography, history, religions etc… and they will not tell you only about the local places you visit on trek more over they will offer you over all information about Nepal including Nepal’s history, Geography, political systems, cultures, Religions, economy, marriage system and much more, the trekking is not only looking the beautiful Mountains but also to know the information and stories of the   places you visit.

Go support on local economy

When you hire a guide for your trekking in Nepal, a person get job in Nepal, the problem on unemployment in Nepal is a huge now and hundred thousands of people have gone other country to find job as when you take a guide for your trek in Nepal, you are supporting to our economy as Nepal is small and underdeveloped country and we always thank for your contribution to us.

The guide always support when you are in need

If you get any sick such as altitude sickness or get any accident when you are on trek, the guide is always help and support you to take you the nearest hospitals for the treatment as if you are trekking alone, of course there are local to support to you however they are not always and every places available so, the guide is always trekking with you so, you can trek with full enjoyment.

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Raj Kumar Basnet

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