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Are you planning for trekking July in Nepal? Travel to Nepal in Nepal in July ? Tour in Nepal in July? Holidays in Nepal in July? If yes, then you have come in right place to choose your trek in Nepal in June.

Basically, the July is summer in Nepal; Monsoon in Nepal or rainy season in Nepal, the June is not the best time of the trek in Nepal in terms of weather and many of the people plan trek in Nepal in other times such as from September – December and from March to May as these months have great weather and great visibility and obstacle free trekking trails, however many of Nepal do not know that Nepal is trekking paradise and many of the treks are possible to be done in the month of July.

You might have totrek in July in Nepal with some extra equipment such as you need to have raincoat as it rains in July and you might have to trek in the rain. Please find some of the most popular trek in July.

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Suggested Nepal Trekking and Tours for July

Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper mustang Trek is located in rain shadow areas in Nepal; The Mustang region is located in the northern part of Nepal. The Upper mustang Trek is popular trek in Nepal for July. You will see even more beautiful view in Upper mustang in July so, we recommend you to trek in Mustang Region for July, if you are planning trekking in July in Nepal.

Ghorepani - Poon Hill Trek

The Ghorepani - Poon Hill Trek is doable in July as well; Furthermore, the Ghorepani-Poon Hill is possible to do all around the year as the Ghorepani Poon Hill is short trek in Nepal that is suitable for everyone and even with the family with children, So, we frequently organize the Ghorepani-Poon Hill Trek in July so, we recommend you to trek to Ghorepani Poon Hill if you are planning to trek in Nepal in July.

Nar Phu Valley Trek

The Nar Phu Valley Trek  located in the upper side of the Annapurna Circuit trail and we can combine the Nar Phu Valley Trek with the Annapurna-Thorong La pass Trek. The Nar Phu valley offer great views of the Himalayas and Landscapes and some of the valleys are rain shadow Area so, so, the Nar Phu valley Trek is recommended for this month July if you are planning to trek in July in Nepal.

Chisapani-Nagarkot Trek

The Chisapani-Nagarkot Trek is short 3day trek in Nepal and the Chisapani Nagarkot Trek is doable in every month of Nepal and in July as well, So, if you are planning to trek in July in Nepal, we offer this short 3day Trek and the short trek starts with the short drive to Sundarijal, the we start our trek to Chisapani and after staying overnight at Chisapani, you will trek to Nagarkot and the Nagarkot is one of the most popular view points to view the sunrise and sunset over the Himalayas as it is located at the altitude of 2211 meter above the sea level, you will see the Annapurna, Langtang, Dorje Lakpa, Gauri Shanker, Ganesh Himal and many more, So, we offer Chisapani-Nagarkot Trek if you are planning to trek in July in Nepal.

Sarangkot-Dhampus Trek

Nepal is hiker’s paradise with hundreds of popular hiking trails, Nepal does not have only High Mountain trekking but also short and easy Trek such as Sarangkot Dhampus Trek. The Sarangkot Dhampus Trek is short 3day trek from Pokhara and the trek of Dhampus and Sarangkot is possible and doable in every time of the year and in July as well. So, if you are planning to trek in July in Nepal, we certainly offer you the Sarangkot-Dhampus Trek in Nepal.

Kathmandu Ridge Trek

The Kathmandu valley ridge trek starts with a short drive to Sundarijal and enter into the Shivapuri National park, Nepal’s youngest National park and hike up to Chisapani that may take about 5-6 hours and you will be able to view many high Himalayas, hills, valley and we will hike to Nagarkot, the next day. The Nagarkot is one of the most popular view points to view the sunrise and sunset over the Himalayas as it is located at the altitude of 2211 meter above the sea level, then we trek to Dhulikhel and Namobuddha and return to Kathmandu. The Nagarkot-Dhulikhel-Namobuddha Trek possible in every month of the year and of course in July as well. So, we recommend this trek if you are planning to trek in July in Nepal.

Helambu Valley Trek

The Helambu trekking is a great introduction to trekking in Nepal with a pleasant journey into the idyllic Helambu region, the traditional way of life and mountain views from the serene villages with astonishing viewpoints will be unforgettable, and the Helambu trek is for people with less time and looking for an unique experience near the Kathmandu valley, the route offers one of the best and most accessible trekking trails of Nepal, and without the crowds! Helambu is populated by the unique Yolmo people and offers a serene getaway in a peaceful setting.

The Helambu Trek in Nepal is possible in every month as it is low altitude trek in Nepal and of course in July as well, So, we offer the Helambu Trek if you are thinking to trek in July in Nepal.

Glimpse of Nepal

We have 4 day Glimpse of Nepal tour starts with cultural and heritage sites visit in Kathmandu valley and wonderful Himalayan views from Nagarkot, Nepal is a land of full of wonders, as it has multi-culture, multi-ethnicity, multi-religion, multi-language speakers. The Glimpse of Nepal is short city tours in Nepal and It is doable all over the year so, we offer this tour if you are planning to travel Nepal in July.

Balthali Village Tour

Nature lovers and bird watchers can spend many days exploring and discovering some exceptional species of wildlife, tradition and culture untouched by the modernity. This off the beaten track has endless trials leading to some ethnic tribes thus, offering excellent short hikes and many of the sacred and ancient temples and monasteries such as Namo Buddha, Indreshwar mahadev, Brahmayani temples are located in this region and still needs to be discovered and unveil its mysterious past. The Balthali village tour is possible to do in every month of the year so, if you are planning to travel Nepal in July.

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