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Nepal offers a multitude of trekking destinations, each unique in its own features. There are many options for trekking enthusiasts who want to trek in regions that are somehow isolated but hold accessible accommodations. Likewise, suppose you do not wish to trek the already commercialized trekking zones and feel the untapped and remote landscape away from modernity. In that case, a Trek to the Manaslu region with Tsum valley exploration is truly a gem. The Manaslu region is a reasonably new trekking destination in Nepal, and adding Tsum valley exploration to that list will offer you unique trekking experiences. When would be a perfect time to embark on this adventure, though? Well, consider trekking the Manaslu region in October and make the most of the journey!

The month or the season you choose to travel in the Manaslu Tsum region plays a vital role in determining whether you will love it. After all, we would want the realities to meet our expectations from the journey. This is why it's also important to research properly before embarking on an adventure. And October offers the best weather, ambiance, and atmosphere, which contribute to making your trip the most wondrous of your memories.

During the trek, a beautiful terrain progressively ascends towards the undiscovered Tsum Valley and leads the trek to a location named Sama Gaon. Locals in this area are believed to have arrived in the 16th century and are revered as Tibetan descendants. Historians have found similarities in their language, culture, attire, and customs with the present-day Tibetans. No place else in the world can compare to Sama Gaon’s mountain views, which are nothing short of nirvana. You won't find a more beautiful view of the mountains anywhere else in the world than from the Manaslu region. Ironically, trekking in Tsum Valley might make you feel as though you are close to home, even in a place amid nothingness, far from civilization.

Due to the remoteness, the roughness of the route, and simplistic infrastructures, only a few trekkers have attempted the Tsum trek. Take this opportunity to trek in October, discover the area's pristine beauty, pass by stunning waterfalls, stroll through verdant meadows, and take in expansive vistas of the Himalayan peaks.

The sky is bluer than ever, and the ground is still dry. The fading green into brown and blue scatters a soothing color throughout the lush vegetation. You won't ask for the weather to continue to be any more evident than it is.

Trekking in the Manaslu region adds a new perspective to what it's like trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal, in off-the-beaten pathways experiencing the authentic taste of wilderness. We are stressing more about October here because we know October is the best autumnal month that will enrich your experience with its set of exciting features.

Learn more about what it is like trekking the Manaslu and Tsum valley region in October and why it is such a coveted month of trekking!

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Manaslu Region in Autumn

Autumn is the ideal season to embark on a trekking adventure in the Manaslu region. You will carry on your trip through the Manaslu region with the magnificent view of mountains and rivers. However, given that it is the height of tourist season, the trails can be crowded. A new trekking season in the Himalayas begins in the autumn, creating a stir. The scenic route, lush forests, vibrant fall foliage, crisp air, and the friendly welcome of the inhabitants make for a beautiful journey to the Manaslu region in autumn.

September, October, and November are the three months of autumn. Each month has its specialties making it stand out from the other months. With little to no chance of rainfall, the day hikes during your trek are a delightful experience. Similarly, autumn also marks the end of the monsoon. Therefore, the travel is excellent due to the beautiful skies and cool environs following the rainy season.

Highlights of Trekking the Manaslu in October

Weather and Temperature in Tsum Valley

The weather in October makes up for the perfect ambiance in the Manaslu region. Since it is the second autumnal month, you can fully grasp the full flavor of autumn in October. The sun is brightly in the sky; the tantalizing sunrays have a perfect shimmering reflection in nearby water bodies. It hardly ever rains, and rainfall in October is the least of your concerns. Likewise, it is neither too hot nor too cold in October. The weather will also motivate you to push yourself. Even the wind embodies some level of calmness to it.

In Manaslu, the average temperature in October ranges from 13 to 25 °C. The daytime average temperature varies between 15 and 16°C. As the altitude rises, the temperature continues to drop; at night, it can drop as low as -1°C. Around locations above 4000 meters, it is below freezing. You have to bear in mind this is the journey to the Himalayas. It will always be cold in the Himalayan region, no matter what season. Thus, it is best to layer your clothing.

October is a dry month, as opposed to months like March and May, so there won't be any rain or snow to complicate your trip. The weather is constant, with lesser humidity compared to prior months. The likelihood of the view fogging up is low due to the low humidity. You can thus unwind and fully appreciate your journey. Another benefit is that you won't need to pack any heavy or bulky apparel or rain or snow gear. Your shoulders will have an easier time carrying the bag because of its lightweight.

Incredible Scenic Views

October is an autumnal month. The recent monsoon in the region puts a stop to the airborne dust, which makes up for the incredible scenery. The beautiful, snow-capped Himalayas can be enjoyed in the distance in all their glory. You get the best sense of nature around the green hills and a clear sky. The air is also clean and fresh! The absence of airborne dust allows for perfect vistas of the mountains.

Diverse Wildlife Exploration

There is no chance of snowfall in the Manaslu region in October. The trails support various plants when there is no snow on the ground. A wide variety of alpine vegetation can be found in the Manaslu protected area. More so, October looks like an excellent time to view the wildlife in the area. The varied flora and nature come to life in the welcoming atmosphere with a new charm and natural beauty.

Paddy, millet, and other crops are farmed in the lower Manaslu regions. As you ascend the walking routes, you'll travel through various pastures, lovely rhododendron forests with diverse flower species, wildflowers, and oak trees. Along the trail, which runs the entire length of Tsum Valley, you'll also encounter a variety of alpine vegetation.

The Journey in Itself

You can take advantage of everything because October has the most transparent sky. This area offers unparalleled views throughout October. When you go trekking in the Manaslu, it's a given that you'll start a path of self-discovery. You would conclude that there is something extraordinary about this place with the mighty Himalayas, the lush vegetation, and the comfortable weather.

October Festivities

In Nepal, October is a festive month. During this month, the locals celebrate some of their most prominent festivals, such as Dashain and Tihar. As families come together to celebrate this momentous occasion, joy spreads across the nation at this time of year.

People spread love, blessings, and pleasure throughout this happy month, illuminating the atmosphere. You are unintentionally a part of the celebration so that you can feel it in the air. You can schedule your itinerary and partake in these festivals in October. It will make for an enlivening experience.

Meet New People

October is a peak trekking month in Nepal. And, you might stumble upon many trekking enthusiasts. Although the Manaslu region is a reasonably new trekking destination, there will be people. Well, not as crowded as other commercialized trekking regions, but there will be people there. And, you'll have the opportunity to introduce yourself to various new folks! You will be able to converse with multiple people, including trekkers. You can discuss your ideas for and experiences with trekking. If you love meeting new people, the experience will benefit you!

Some tips before you embark on a Tsum Valley Journey

  • Understand the importance of preparing yourself physically and mentally.
  • This is a restricted region trek, you cannot do it solo, and you will require another trekker and a guide.
  • Make sure to carry all the essential gear, apparel, and equipment.
  • Only trek through a trustworthy trekking company.
  • Carry all your prescribed medicines and let your tour operators know about them!

Now that we've come to the end of our blog, it's time we reiterate the importance of doing proper research before you schedule your trek. We also hope this blog has helped you better understand what it is like trekking in October in Nepal. Happy Trekking!

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