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The trek to the Manaslu region of northern Nepal, which also encircles the secluded villages of Tsum valley, is a one-of-a-kind dream destination for many nature enthusiasts from all over the world. Trekking in the Himalayas is a serious matter. It is vital to decide on a perfect time when the ambiance would be the best, and the weather aids your journey towards your destination. With these in mind, the November trek to the Tsum valley in the Manaslu region is an ideal gateway from the Himalayas.

The journey to the Manaslu region in itself is an enticing opportunity to explore the Himalayan gems, rarely touched by human interference. You traverse along the freshwater rivers drained from the Himalayas, enjoy basking in the cozy sunrays, entertain yourself along the trails, and encounter many villages and the village people living the most simplistic lifestyles. Similarly, the panoramic views of the Himalayas stretching far and white overlaps perfectly with the mellow-paddy fields that have shaded the hills in golden auburn. It is a sight only the luckiest ones get to enjoy. With the Manaslu and Tsum excursion in November, you will get every opportunity to enjoy the journey to the fullest!

Tsum valley is another trekking feature you get to relish during your Manaslu trek. It is an isolated valley, away and untouched by modernity. So, traversing the region will help you witness the dynamic relationship between nature and the Himalayan people. Moreover, the people of the Tsum valley are the descendants of the Tibetan people who migrated to Himalayan Nepal long before. So, you will also get to witness their unique culture and traditions, and if given a chance, immerse in their way of life!

It is also quite interesting that the Tsum valley region is a newly opened yet restricted trail. The government of Nepal recently opened Manaslu to international trekkers, more precisely in 1991. So, the territory is relatively unfamiliar with the western lifestyle. And, this will be quite a new experience for you! As the trail is relatively new, you also get to explore the authentic Himalayan lifestyle without necessarily depending on western-style lodgings! More so, with little to no disturbance from human civilization, the wildlife and biodiversity in the region are rich and exotic! The area is unspoiled, and the traditions are well preserved in the Tsum valley.

The Tsum valley region attract thousands of trekkers every year. Along with the journey comes the excitement and adrenaline rush! Enjoy traversing the region to the fullest and having the most glorious November experience! What makes traveling the area more amazing is doing it in November. In this article, we will explore more about November and Manaslu region and why you can consider November for your upcoming Manaslu trek. Let’s first examine a bit about autumn, the season that hosts November in Nepal!

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Autumn and Manaslu Region

The beauty of autumn in Nepal, especially in the Himalayas, speaks for itself. You will be overwhelmed with the feeling of constant rejoicing in autumn. The weather is at its finest; it is warm and cozy. It also hardly ever rains. Similarly, the bright skies transport you to tranquility. And, the views of the crystal clear Himalayas in autumn will leave you awestruck and enchanted by their beauty.

Moreover, you get to explore the regions and trails without worrying about rainfall. The landscape is also at its finest, with luscious green vegetation marking your journey towards calmness and serenity. It’s not just a trip; it’s a journey in autumn. And, the month of November in autumn bestows you with the perfection of the Tsum valley region.

Highlights of trekking the Tsum Valley region in November

Weather and Temperature

As an autumnal month, November beholds you with the mildest weather and temperature. Your journey is mesmerizing from the start to the finish of the trek. You will experience an enlivening adventure in the wilderness. The weather is comfortable, the air is crisp, and the overall ambiance surpasses your expectations. You will experience clear, bright, and sunny days.

Similarly, the weather is warm enough to enjoy every moment possible, and it hardly ever rains in November. It is also a perfect time to enjoy the smell of fresh wildflowers and rhododendrons in full bloom. The sight of these beautiful flowers will mystify your journey. Similarly, if you love nature and wildlife, you will also enjoy spotting different animals endemic only to this region. Your journey in November is a worthwhile one!

November is the middle autumnal month which follows October. So, the weather is not as warm as the previous month. However, it is still comfortable and tolerable. You can experience the temperature range between -6 and 13 degrees Celsius. As you will be traveling in the Himalayas, you must understand that the weather is highly volatile and sometimes even difficult to predict. However, considering your journey in the higher Himalayas, the temperature is reasonably cozy. Likewise, there can be a contrast between the temperatures in the higher sections and those in the lower altitude sections. The former will have lower temperatures than the latter.

Likewise, the temperature drops down significantly during the nighttime! So, it is best you carry some thick insulating jackets and a sleeping bag. Again, the average wind speed can range between 5 and 7km/hr., which will not create any struggles for you. Thus, the weather and temperature of the region in November contribute to making your journey as pleasant as possible!

Vibrant Trails

Autumn is a peak trekking season, and November demands numerous trekkers along the trail. So, several nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts will cross your path in November. This is a perfect opportunity for you to make new friends and even engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded people. If you enjoy interacting with new people, the November trek to the Tsum valley region will enrich your Himalayan journey furthermore!

Panoramic Views of the Nepalese Himalayas

The atmosphere and ambiance in the Manaslu region are clearer than ever in November. These conditions will conspire to make your journey the best one! With bright skies and a clear atmosphere, you can relish the experience of the Himalayan panorama throughout the journey. It will be like the Himalayas are looking over you during your Manaslu wilderness adventure! The full circle view of the Himalayas is bound to make you forget the exhaustion from the trek.

Similarly, the rugged landscapes, the luscious green hills, and the views of the snowcapped mountain peaks will take your breath away. It’s as if you are on your pathway to paradise. After you cross the infamous Larke La Pass, the highest location of your trek, rejoice in the views of the Himalayas to the fullest!

Calm Atmosphere and Serene Ambiance

As the weather is dry in November, you will not be bothered by the concerns regarding rainfall. You will also be able to enjoy taking in the fresh and crisp air. The environment is so calm during your journey that you will forget all your woes. Similarly, the journey is painting-like. It’s terrific, and the traverse overall is fantastic!

Shades of Autumn and Wildflowers

Throughout the journey, you will trek along the trails of the Manaslu Conservation Area Project. So, it is given you will witness much exotic wildlife! You will also be traveling during the peak autumnal season in November. And the blooming wildflowers will decorate your journey with the vibrant colors of autumn. The trail is saturated with vivid shades of wildflowers throughout the trip and rhododendron-clad hills adjacent to it. It is truly a unique experience.

Similarly, you can also sport different wildlife species within the conservation area as you traverse the lush alpine vegetation. These factors add more value to your journey, making your November trek an incredible experience.

Festivals of November

It is the festive season in November! Nepal is also a culturally rich country, apart from being famous for its rich natural heritage. Thus, you can enrich your travel to Nepal by experiencing some cultural aspects of it! In November, you can enjoy the celebrations of Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath, among others. These festivals are unique to each ethnic community and further enriched by their exceptional cuisine and delicacies. If you schedule your trek in November, you can also explore Nepalese cultures and traditions!

Some Tips for your upcoming Trek to the Tsum Valley Region

  • Make sure to hire a guide; the region is restricted. Similarly, you will also need a group of at least two trekkers apart from the guide.
  • It is crucial that you prepare yourself physically and mentally.
  • Hiring a porter will make your journey a lot more accessible.
  • Check and double-check all your necessary equipment.

We hope that this blog has helped you understand the intricacies of trekking the Tsum valley region in November. Although, it is also essential that you do research on your part. Regardless, if you plan for a trek in November, no doubt you’ve made an excellent decision. Happy Trekking!

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