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Do you wish to spend your upcoming summer vacation visiting Nepal's Himalayan terrain? If so, you're at the right place, and May is the ideal month for you to embark on this escapade due to the perfect weather conditions. If you're one of those travelers who prefer places over people, there's no better trekking destination than the Manaslu region. It receives way fewer trekkers than other popular trekking routes in Nepal.

Undoubtedly, May is the favorite time of the year among adventure seekers worldwide to trek to one of the highest elevations in the Nepalese Himalayas. May, being the full-blown spring month in Nepal, you will experience Nepal's real natural beauty during the trek to Tsum Valley in May. The sight of lush green vegetation decorated with colorful wildflowers, pristine blue sky spotted with white clouds, and numerous water streams flowing under suspension bridges is to die for.

The Manaslu region is situated in one of the restricted areas of Nepal, and it has not been long since it opened its doors to visitors. As a result, only avid trekkers chose this route for their high-altitude trek in Nepal, while most hiking routes in Nepal are crowded with hikers in May. Since the Tsum Valley region is not tremendously commercialized, you might face some challenges, but you'd be accompanied by professional guides to make the journey less taxing. However, it's your responsibility to get into good physical shape since you'd be excursing through the rough terrain of 5000+ meters above sea level.

Do you dislike the cold? Your hunger for high-elevation trekking will be satisfied by the trek to Manaslu Tsum Valley in May without worrying about the icy Himalayan weather. A few layers of clothes will keep you warm at night in May, which receives enough sunlight to keep you warm throughout the day. The Manaslu region has numerous teahouses to cover your meals and lodging despite being one of Nepal's least-traveled trekking areas.

The trek to Tsum Valley circles the eighth-highest mountain in the world, Mount Manaslu, which is 8,163 meters high, while passing through Larkya La Pass (5106 m), which is close to the Tibetan border and is the highest point of the expedition. By including Tsum Valley in the traditional Manaslu Circuit Trek, you can see the remote, little-touched valley of Tsum. You will be amazed by the exquisite fusion of unspoiled environment and culture in Tsum Valley.

By this point, you might have gotten a general idea of what it's like to trek to Tsum Valley in May. Continue reading the blog to get an overall sense of the trek, which will aid in your decision on whether May is the best time to start this journey to the magnificent Manaslu.

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Highlights of the Trek to Manaslu in May

Tsum Valley in Spring

In comparison to other seasons, spring has the best attributes for the Manaslu region among other trekking destinations in Nepal. The Tsum valley and its surroundings are blessed with outstanding natural beauty, and spring colors will captivate you without a doubt!

Your eyes will be calmed by the beautiful green forests covering the trek's entire lower altitudes. In this most popular trekking season, the red Rhododendrons bloom across the woodlands, strikingly contrasting with the pure blue sky.

May, which marks the start of monsoon season in Nepal, may see little or no rain. The correct quantity of infrequent rain only reduces the heat and sweat you produce while hiking in the summer sun. It's best to have adequate traction on your hiking boots as the route may become slippery after a downpour. To be safe, it's always a good idea to have a set of rain gear with you.

Weather and Temperature

The May trek to Tsum Valley will take place under ideal weather and temperature conditions. May is the finest month to enjoy Nepal's beautiful splendor because the winter's ice on the trail would have already gone, but the mountain peaks are still covered with snow.

Because the days are long, you may climb gradually and take full advantage of the breathtaking sights along the way. It would help if you packed some sunscreen in your backpack to avoid sunburn during May's bright and sunny days. But don't worry; the sun isn't so harsh, and once you get back from the trip, you'll be showing off that beautiful summer tan.

The most consistent weather to hike to Manaslu is in May when lows are around 4°C and highs are around 18°C. Given that you'll be climbing beyond 5000 meters above sea level, it doesn't hurt to be prepared and bring a few layers of warm clothing if the weather turns sour.

Quite and Off-beaten Trail

The Manaslu region trekking recently opened up to tourists in 2002. As a result, fewer trekkers travel to the rough topography of the Tsum Valley region, ultimately reducing the number of hikers on the trail. Quieter paths offer more possibilities to contact locals and learn about their rich culture, even though it is lovely to get to know some fellow hikers along the way.

The trail has some challenging climbs over the rugged terrain of the Manaslu Region. Your physical endurance will be tested as the trail passes through a more strenuous area of the Himalayas. It can be difficult if you aren't in great shape or haven't done high-altitude trekking before. Make sure you follow the directions given by your guide.

Remote Life of Hidden Tsum Valley

Tsum Region is a revered Himalayan valley that draws tourists to Manaslu for trekking. The inhabitants are claimed to be Tibetan descendants. They are known as Tsumbas and speak a distinctive dialect. The area's isolation has prevented tourists from tampering with its unique culture.

If you don't mind being a little "rough" and far from civilization, the hike to the Tsum valley is excellent. The journey will also allow you to learn about the distinctive customs of the residents of the secret Tsum Valley, giving you the whole Himalayan experience. The humbleness of these kind locals will enchant you.

Monasteries with Historical Significance

In Tsum Valley, several historic Buddhist monasteries continue to protect and advance Tibetan culture. The hikers are inspired to keep going by the monastery's colorful prayer flags and Mani walls.

Dukpa Rinpoche established Rachen Nunnery and Mu Gompa in 1936 after meditating in the valley's cave. His subsequent manifestation ran the monastery up until 2002. These monasteries offer a window into the region's famous and lengthy history.

May Festivities in Manaslu Region

Many festivals begin in May among the Hindu and Buddhist communities of Nepal. Buddha Purnima, one of the most auspicious Buddhist holidays, falls in May and is reverently observed in Tsum Valley.

You may participate in the event with the people in the Manaslu region, which is home to a mixture of Nepalese and Tibetan villages. Although Nepal's natural beauty is well-known, the country's cultural significance further enhances the real Nepali experience.

Transportation and Accommodation

Seti Khola, which serves as the hike's starting point, is reached after a 7 to 8-hour jeep trip. The adventure begins before you start hiking, as the roads are a mix of black top and off-road.

Like most trekking routes in Nepal, this Manaslu hiking trail provides lodging in teahouses. Even while the housing options in the mountains aren't the most luxurious, you will indeed have a comfortable bed to sleep in. The owners of the tea houses cook regional food, primarily the traditional "Daal Bhat" dish of Nepal, which will keep you energized all day.

Permits and Guides for the Manaslu Region

Entry permissions are required to commence this hike. However, there is no need to worry because your travel agency will handle your permissions. Please note it is mandatory to have a party of at least two people and an authorized guide.

Difficulty Level

For those who have never done a high-altitude trek, prolonged walking over rocky mountainous terrain can be difficult, but it is possible. The hike to Tsum Valley is strenuous, expanding over 3 weeks. Since numerous factors like weather, temperature, altitude, and personal fitness affect the difficulty level, it is also a matter of luck to have nature in your favor.

Things to take into account when scheduling the Manaslu Tour

  • As the journey is in a restricted area, it is necessary to hire a guide, and there must be at least two other travelers in addition to the guide.
  • Make sure you are both physically and mentally prepared for the trek.
  • Carry leech-repellent sprays and rain gear.
  • Verify that you have all the necessary trekking equipment. If they aren't accessible in your area, you can purchase them in Kathmandu.
  • Always reserve your tour through a reputable travel agency.

As we wrap up this blog, we're confident that you are now well-informed on the specifics of the trek to Tsum Valley in May. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your trip if May is a good time for your next Himalayan adventure. We delightfully offer the best trekking and expedition experiences, which you will remember for the rest of your life here at Outfitters Nepal. Have a great trek.

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