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The trek to Tsum valley is a unique journey that takes you to some of the most secluded regions of Nepal. The untapped natural beauty of the Tsum valley allows you to explore the true envisages of Nepal's Himalayas. It is one of the most awaited journeys to many trek enthusiasts who long for some solitude at the lap of the Himalayas. And what adds more value to the trek to the Tsum valley is the magnified array of spring features that occurs mainly in April!

Although trekking in the Manaslu region is not as famous as the journey to some of the commercialized trekking zones of Nepal, such as the Annapurna and Everest region, the trek here is something that is special and new. It's not long since the Manaslu region was opened for international trekkers. Thus, the region is relatively new to modernity, and you can experience the simplistic rural lifestyle in the settlements of the Tsum valley.

Features such as panoramic views of Nepal's Himalayas, vivid natural beauty, and varied landscapes of the region will enrich your memories for many years to come. Similarly, the ascent to the infamous Larke La Pass at more than 5000m altitudes makes the trek to Manaslu and Tsum valley truly a wonderful experience. To add more, Tsum valley is one for the books! The region is inhabited by Tibetan descendants that first came to Nepal several hundred years ago. Their history is rich in culture and tradition.

Similarly, they did not interact much with the outside world. Thus, they have a knack for preserving their culture and traditions and handing them down to the next generation. Therefore, with the exploration of Tsum valley in the Manaslu trek, you will experience the rare culture of the people of the Manaslu region.

Now that you know why the Tsum valley traverse to Manaslu is a valuable addition to your travels, you must also keep in mind the time when you host your journey also matters a lot to get an incredible experience. So, April is a beautiful month to trek to Tsum valley. The journey blesses you with some of the most beautiful experiences, so much so that you will definitely return for more.

Many devout trekkers target April for their trekking to the Manaslu region. As a spring month, the month of April provides you with blooming wildflowers decorating your trail, the colors and shades of spring, the unmatched landscape of the Tsum valley region, ambiance, and good vibes alongside some incredible panoramic views of the Hindu-Kush Himalayas.

This blog will explore what makes April a good month for your upcoming trek to the Tsum valley. We will also investigate the features that make the area stand out the most among other peak trekking months. First, let's learn a bit about trekking in the spring months.

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Spring and Manaslu Region

Spring has the best features for the Manaslu region. The Tsum valley and the neighboring region are blessed with a surreal natural landscape, and the shades of spring are bound to leave you mesmerized! The weather is exceptionally calm during spring, and you need not have woe about rainfall. It does not rain in the Manaslu region in spring, making your journey a comfortable and ambient escapade! Similarly, spring's wind is in the calmest state, and the sky is more transparent than ever. Your time on the trail gets so good that you do not even feel like resting at your accommodation! And the Himalayas follow you throughout the journey every day. That will make your trip worth it! Likewise, birds are at their most melodic phase in the spring, and you will love the lullabies you here on the trail. You experience these features the most in April!

Highlights of Trekking the Tsum Valley in April

Weather and Temperature

April welcomes you with the perfect combination of weather and temperature. The days are brighter and clearer, the sun shines brightly but not too brightly, the visibility is excellent, and the clarity is impressive. April is the middle month of spring between March and May. Thus, you will get the most spring experience in April. Importantly, you do not have to worry about rain, blizzard, or even snowfall. It is a dry month with the perfect ambiance. Similarly, the daytime is warm, the winds are at your mercy in April, and you do not have to worry about leeches sucking your blood. April trek to Tsum valley is more than just fantastic; it's incredible!

Considering that the Manaslu region is located in the Himalayas, the region is cold throughout the year! But, April hosts the region's warmest trekking months, with the average temperature between 4 degrees Celsius and 15 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the altitude of the trails and the settlements also play a crucial role in determining the weather variations in the region. The lower altitude sections have a comparatively higher temperature than the higher altitude sections. Likewise, the average sunshine hours during April lasts between 5 to 7 hours every day!

Additionally, the wind is a soft breeze, and you need not worry about catching a cold. As April is a dry month and warm weather, you do not have the hassle of carrying heavy layers. Albeit cold, you need not take a lot of layering, and your backpack will not be as heavy. These reasons make up a beautiful trek to the Tsum valley region during April.

Crystal Clear Views and Incredible Panorama

In April, the Manaslu region blesses you with its magnanimous landscape beauty. As the month is a dry spring period, the ambiance is unmistakable, with no specks of dust and aerosol hampering your visibility. Thus, you will be able to have good clarity, which further adds beauty to the landscape and settlements. Additionally, as you traverse the trail, the views of the rhododendron-clad hills alongside freshly cultivated green crops will make up for the exhaustion from the trek.

Likewise, the panoramic views of the Himalayan range with the towering peaks of Manaslu Himal, among others, during the trek add aesthetic beauty to the region. The journey holds an essence to trekking in the wilderness. Many say it is a splendid experience!

Beauty of Wilderness

You will traverse the trails encompassing the Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) during the Tsum valley excursion. In April, the area is vibrant, with different kinds of fauna that are notably more dynamic during the month. Thus, if you happen to be a nature lover, you will feel blessed with the glory of the rich wildlife during the trek. Similarly, the conservation is also home to several endangered wildlife, such as the snow leopards and the blue sheep. You will be able to spot these animals at a distance.

Likewise, since it is flowering month, you will be able to identify different kinds of plant species unique to the region. You will have that "into the wild" experience you were looking for in April!

Bustling Trails and Friendly Faces

April is a peak trekking month. Even though the Manaslu region is not as famous as its other trekking counterparts, it does not mean the area does not host many trekkers. Plus, in April, Nepal welcomes trekkers from all over the world, and you will also see many during your hiking and accommodation. So, it is a perfect opportunity to make new friends and mingle with people from several parts of the world. It will be an excellent time to share your experience with like-minded people aiming for the same destination.

Festivals of April

Nepal is a culturally rich nation hosting more than 123 ethnic groups in several parts of the country. Additionally, each part of Nepal has its own flavor of unique culture and tradition that will enrich your experience during your stay. In April, Nepal celebrates Nepali New Year and also Bisket Jatra. Can you believe it? Nepal has its own New Year according to the lunar calendar, which comes during mid-April. The New Year is a special occasion, with people celebrating the festival with prayers in the temples, traditional events, and even parties.

Similarly, the Newa people of Kathmandu valley also celebrate Bisket Jatra around the same time. You will be able to experience the culture of the ethnic Newas! With festivals comes the culture, and with cultures come the cuisines. It is also an excellent opportunity to try our new foods and beverages. So, you can mark your calendars and plan your itinerary not missing out on anything!

One Thing to Remember

You have to keep in mind that you will travel in the wilderness, with accommodation that may not meet your expectation of what a standard living will look like. Keep it as a reality check that the teahouses may not be as posh as the ones you encounter in the cities. Also, carry some insect repellents with you. They will be of great rescue in places where insects might be of annoyance.

Tips for you Trek to Tsum Valley

  • Be mentally and physically prepared for the long journey.
  • Hiring a guide is a must for the trek. It would help if you had at least another international trekker alongside the guide.
  • It is a restricted region trek, so go through a trustworthy trekking company with high credibility.
  • Do not forget to carry all your essential gear and apparel.
  • You cannot do the trek solo!

In conclusion, April is a beautiful trekking month. If you are intrigued by the features mentioned above, you can explore more about the trek and plan accordingly. Until then, Happy Trekking!

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