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Manaslu region is among some of the best trekking destinations Nepal offers! This reasonably new trekking destination takes you to several secluded villages of Nepal, traversing alongside the magnificent Himalayan escapade and landscape worth making an effort into. The Circuit Trek to the Manaslu region makes for beautiful scenery. If you want to witness the most vibrant landscape with hills and mountains painted green, September is your ultimate trekking month!

The Manaslu circuit journey in itself is a surreal experience. You excurse through varying landscapes at varying altitudes. Similarly, the Manaslu region is not as commercialized as the other trekking locations in Nepal. Therefore, you get to explore Nepal at its simplest. The people of the Manaslu region have only recently started interacting with the outside world. Their culture, language, and way of life are unique, with traditions handed down from one generation to the next. The local people of the Manaslu region are descendants of Tibetan origin. And their blend with some of the native Nepali culture has allowed for some cultures of their own.

What makes circuiting the Manaslu region so different? Well, the region follows off-the-beaten trekking experiences to some of Nepal's most isolated trekking trails. This means you will not encounter as many accommodations/teahouses as you did in the commercialized trekking hubs of the Everest and the Annapurna region. Likewise, the teahouses along the trail are the most modest, with minimal facilities. So, you get this natural feel of wilderness. This untapped Himalayan adventure relieves you from the pleas of modern living and sets you back for a while. This is a unique experience that will help you get going.

Although you can trek any time in Nepal, the circuit trek to the Manaslu region is best done in September. In September, you get the best offerings of the Manaslu region. You can enjoy greenery in the fields, meadows, pastures, and forests from the start to the end of your trek. The days aren't as sunny as the views of the Himalayas following you throughout the trek are bound to leave you mesmerized. September for the Manaslu circuit will make you ask for it more.

In this blog, we will discuss September as a favorable option for you to embark on a Manaslu circuit adventure. Similarly, we will also talk about what makes circuiting the Manaslu region a unique experience in September. Let's talk a bit about the two seasons that host September in Nepal.

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Monsoon, Autumn, and the Manaslu Region

The Manaslu region looks different in varying seasons. In the monsoon months, the region is the greenest you will ever see. It rains a lot during monsoon, which might be a bit of a problem while on the trail, and the tracks might get slippery. However, in the monsoon, the region is decorated in the most vibrant shades of green, making the journey surreal. Similarly, in the autumnal months, the sky is the brightest and the clearest. It hardly ever rains in autumn, and the clarity is also at its peak. But, the region is quite dry, and the landscape does not have many green aesthetics like a monsoon. However, rhododendron-clad hills and wildflowers on the trail will make up for your hardship on the journey.

It is essential to know a bit about these two seasons when we talk about September. This is because September is a transitional month for monsoon and autumn, and you get the best of both worlds during this period.

Highlights of circuiting the Manaslu Region in September

Weather and Temperature

As mentioned earlier, September is a transitional month between monsoon and autumn. This allows you to experience the flavor of the region's monsoon and autumn, especially the best features. The first half of the month has some aura of monsoon to it, while the rest of the days have an autumnal touch. This means the weather is warm, and the atmosphere is mostly ambient. However, you might witness rainfall at some points; thus, you got to carry rain gear. Interestingly, the days are bright exclusively with 5 to 7 hours of daylight, so you will not feel as cold in September. The winds do not frequently blow in September, and you won't have to worry about carrying layers of clothing.

You will experience a wide range of temperature changes on your circuit trek to the Manaslu region. Your circuit trek to the Manaslu region undergoes altitudinal changes between 700 and 5160m. The area's temperature also depends on the elevation at which you will trek. For example, in the lower altitude regions, the daytime temperature can range from 19 to 21 degrees Celsius. Likewise, at the higher altitude portions, the average temperature can drop to 7 degrees Celsius. The nights in the Manaslu region can go as low as the freezing temperature at O degree Celsius. Bearing this in mind, carry thick and insulating winter apparel for the night. In addition, the wind velocity can go as high as 5km/hr, which is not that high by the Himalayan standard. The path to cross the challenging Larke La is comparatively more straightforward, but you have to be careful as you might encounter some slippery trails. All in all, the weather and temperature of the Manaslu region are favorable for you to circuit the trek in September without much hassle.

Greenery Everywhere

The best feature of circuiting the Manaslu region in September is the green landscape you encounter throughout the trek. You will see varying shades of green throughout the trek, from lush, lavish millet and buckwheat fields to the meadows above the tree line. Nature has some calming aura to it in September, and walking through the trails feels like something you will only experience in the heavens.

You will spend most of your time journeying through the Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP). The conservation area is a haven for many endangered birds, animals, and vegetation species. So, you will be able to experience the most beautiful wildlife interaction in September, especially in the morning. September is a perfect trekking month for someone who loves to travel in greenery!

Quieter Trail

The Manaslu region in itself is a restricted region; therefore, it doesn't host as many trekkers as other commercialized regions. To add more, September is not a peak trekking month either. Consequently, you will encounter very few trekkers during your circuit. This means you will get to enjoy your journey in solace. Likewise, the teahouse accommodations also host quite a few guests, and the hosts will cater to your specific demands. So, trekking during September means you will get better hospitality, ultimately enriching your trekking experience.

Surreal Views and Aesthetics

As mentioned earlier, September bears the fusion of monsoon and autumn flavors. So, you will have sunny days most of the time during your journey. Similarly, the endless panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks, such as Manaslu Himal, Nadi Chuli, and Himal Chuli, among others, will trek your breath away! The sunrise and sunset views, when the sun's rays reflected onto the White Mountain peaks, give you an overwhelming feeling of serenity. The starry views from your teahouse during the nighttime also make your journey ridiculously beautiful!

September Festivities

Apart from being blessed with natural beauty, Nepal is also culturally rich. There are more than 123 ethnic groups, each with unique culture and traditions, living together in harmony in Nepal. What adds more value to your circuit trek to Manaslu is diving into the cultural experience of the Nepali people. In September, Nepali Hindus celebrate two festivals; Teej and Indra Jatra. Teej is a festival exclusively celebrated by Hindu women. So, you can see women in red-colored traditional saris or kurtas in groups going to the temples. It is more like a celebration of sisterhood.

Similarly, in Indra Jatra, the Newari people of Kathmandu valley celebrate this unique occasion wearing their traditional attires and mass. These festivals have their distinct cuisine and delicacies. If you happen to visit Nepal around September, you may get to experience these festivals; or you could even schedule a trip in September!

Concerns during your Circuit Trek to Manaslu Region

Since September is a transitional month, there are some possibilities that you will encounter rainfall during your journey. So, carry your rain gear to be safe! Likewise, the region is damp with the monsoon rain from the previous month and is an active habitat in the lower belts until 3000m. It is best to carry some leech repellant sprays or ointment and wear sleeved clothes. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Some tips for your Circuit Trek to Manaslu Region

  • Be mentally and physically prepared for the journey.
  • Manaslu region is a restricted trekking zone, and hiring a guide is mandatory. You will also need to be at least a group of 2 international trekkers along with the guide to get the permits.
  • Rain gears are a must!
  • Check and double-check all your trekking essentials.
  • Trek only through a reputable and trustworthy tour operator.

Finally, it is essential to do your research before you embark on a Manaslu circuit adventure. Every trekking enthusiast has their preferences. After reading this blog, if you find that your trekking preferences align with the features of September, you can consider Manaslu Circuit for your upcoming trek. Happy Trekking!

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