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Did you know Nepal celebrates its New Year in April? If you're up for an adventure and want to indulge in Nepalese culture along the way, April is the best time to visit Nepal. While the New Year celebration lets you immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Nepal, the trek to Manaslu Circuit in April quenches your thirst for an intrepid trekking expedition.

Manaslu Circuit is one of the best trekking destinations in Nepal if you long for solitude from the outside world. The Manaslu region is sheltered in the foothills of the gigantic Himalayas that bless your eyes with outstanding panoramic views of snowcapped mountains. What makes the trekking route more enjoyable in April? Well, the lush green forests and the blissful sight of wildflowers transport you to cloud nine.

Not just the natural beauty but the traditional lifestyle of indigenous people in the Manaslu region will leave you in awe. During the trek, you will be welcomed by the locals' warm smiles and "Namaste." As you incline further north, "Namaste" turns into "Tashi Delek," which translates to "good luck and good health" in the Tibetan language. This is because the higher regions of the Manaslu are inhabited by Tibetan migrants who have lived there for generations. Thus, the trek opens the door to experience not only Nepalese but also Tibetan culture.

Let's be honest! The trek to Manaslu Circuit is not for those who prefer comfort over adventure. The trek route has recently come into the limelight, so it's better not to expect luxurious accommodation during the hike. You will be provided a basic lodging facility in the teahouses with locally sourced Nepali meals rich in carbs to keep you energized during the trek.

The trek being relatively new compared to its other counterparts, Annapurna and Everest regions, you will encounter offbeat trails that take you to the untouched natural beauty that Nepal is well known for. When you find yourself surrounded by the majestic Himalayas, we assure you that the exhaustion of traversing through the rough terrain will vanish in no time.

Behold the rawness of the Himalayas in Nepal this April by commencing the trek to Manaslu Circuit. As we move forward with the blog, we'll explore some of the highlights of trekking the Manaslu Circuit in April and general information that will help you decide whether the hike is suitable for your upcoming April adventure.

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Highlights of the Trek to Manaslu Circuit in April

Manaslu Region in Spring

Spring brings out the best of all trekking destinations of Nepal, and the trek to Manaslu Circuit is no exception. Spring is when nature revives after the cold Winter, and the trees rejuvenate into their greenest forms. Just as you begin the trek, you will be mesmerized by the lush green forests and colorful wildflower blooms covering the entire trial.

The sky is more evident than ever in April. The white clouds floating in the vastness of the blue sky create a perfect color block that leaves anyone in awe. Furthermore, the contrasting pattern created by colorful flowers against the green forests is the view to die for.

The fauna of the Manaslu region is equally captivating in April. If you're lucky, you will be able to spot exotic wildlife. The melodic lullabies of rare birds add freshness to an already enchanting hike. Similarly, the calm wind carrying a whiff of aromatic flowers makes your journey more pleasurable.

Weather and Temperature

April is when Nepal waves bye to Winter and welcomes Spring, meaning you don't have to tackle the frosting coldness of the Himalayas. While the trail still holds some snow from recent Winter, the bright sun makes walking over the crunchy, icy path fun. The days get longer in April, so you have enough daylight to ascend through the trail smoothly. The Manaslu region receives an average of 5 to 7 hours of sun every day in April.

If you're unfamiliar with the cold weather, it might take some time to adjust to the temperature. However, the temperature gradually decreases as you ascend upwards, giving you enough time to get used to the cold. The temperature of Manaslu ranges from 4°C to 15°C, which falls on the warmer side considering the altitude.

The weather is dry, and the days are warm. What else do you need for a high-altitude trek?

Nepalese New Year Celebration

As mentioned earlier, April is when Nepal enters a new year. We follow our own calendar, according to which the New Year falls in mid-April. Fun fact, we're in the year 2079! Though the New Year celebration in Nepalese cities is westernized, the villagers still celebrate it in the most authentic way. All the villagers gather together, cook traditional meals and welcome the New Year with local alcohol and heart full of gratitude and joy.

Going for the trek in April means the locals will invite you to be a part of the celebration. Is there anything else that makes the hike more memorable than celebrating the New Year that falls in April in some wild corner of the world? We don't think so.

Natural Wonders

No matter how much we try, it's never enough to put the beauty of this remote terrain in words. We've already talked about the astonishing forests, sky, flora, and fauna of the Manaslu region. That's not it. The clear water stream flowing down the Himalayas and running between the gorge adds a different charm to already breathtaking views. A dip in the ice-cold water helps rejuvenate your sore feet as you hike. Likewise, the healing sight and sound of waterfalls transcend you to a different world.

Rhododendron-clad Journey

One more edge of hitting the trek to Manaslu Circuit in April is the enthralling sight of Rhododendron covering the entire vegetation. In case you didn't know, Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal, and it blooms in the spring season all over the hilly region. The red and pink shades of Rhododendron decorate the trail in such a way that gives the illusion of the entire forest being red instead of green. Now, this is the view you won't find anywhere else in the world.

Off-beaten Trails

The Manaslu Circuit is located in one of the restricted areas of Nepal. Hence, it only receives a limited number of trekkers every year. It hasn't been long since the trail opened for travelers, so it still is unknown to most. This provides you the perfect opportunity to scout through the wilderness of unseen landscapes in solace. This off-beat trail takes you through the rustic Himalayan terrain, which will leave you in awe.

Humble Locals

It is no surprise that Nepalese are known as the most hospitable people in the world. The humbleness of the locals grounds you. The warm greetings with a broad smile melt everyone's hearts. Moreover, they will make you feel at home even after you've traveled thousands of miles away from home.

Food and Lodging

Like most trekking destinations in Nepal, this hiking trail accommodates visitors in teahouses. You wouldn't find the most luxurious stays that high up in the mountains, but you'll definitely have a comfortable bed to rest for the night. You may have to use shared toilets in a few teahouses. So, be prepared for the no-so-comfortable remote lifestyle when you sign up for the Manaslu trek.

Food prepared by the teahouse owner is fresh and hygienic. As rice is the primary source of carbs in the Nepalese diet, you will have "Dhal Bhat" every day of the hike, and it's so fulfilling that you won't have to worry about being undernourished.

Permits and Guides for this Restricted Area

As per government rules, it's mandatory to get a few permits to enter the restricted area of the Manaslu region. The permits required are Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (MRAP), Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP), and Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP).

It is also compulsory to hire a licensed guide to commence the trek, and you must be a group of at least two trekkers alongside the guide. Since the travel company arranges these commodities, you have nothing to worry about.

Essential Tips for the Circuit Trek to Manaslu

  • Be physically and mentally prepared for the hike.
  • A licensed guide and a number of 2 trekkers are compulsory for the Manaslu Trek.
  • Make sure you have all the essential trekking gear.
  • Be safe and book your trek with a trusted trekking company.

At last, it's always wise to do your own research. Every individual has their own needs. Find out what suits you the best and communicate your requirements with your travel company.

Outfitter Nepal has been providing the best trekking experience to trekkers all around the globe. We have standard packages that can be customized for your unique needs. Remember us if you decide to go for the trek to Manaslu Circuit in April of the coming year. If you have further inquiries, feel free to contact us. We're more than happy to help. Enjoy the trek!

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