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The trek to the Everest region that takes you to the Himalayan lake of Gokyo is an adventurous excursion not taken by many. The journey allows you to cross the infamous Cho La pass at more than 5400m which is at least 200m more than the Everest Base Camp! If you want to immerse yourself in the magnificent journey of the Cho La Pass region, we highly recommend doing it in November!

Your breathtaking journey to the land of the Himalayas enriches your trekking with the panoramic views of some of the world's tallest mountain peaks. Many say it is a trekking experience you got to have! While it's not just the Hindu-Kush Himalayan massif's views that make for a glorious experience, we should also consider other factors you witness throughout the journey.

During your trek to Cho La pass and Gokyo, you will traverse some of the most secluded Himalayan settlements most of the journey. The Sherpas, infamous for their leadership skills and summits in the Himalayas, are native to the Everest region. Without the skills of the Sherpas, it would be a challenge even to take an inch forward to the higher Himalayas. The trek to Cho La pass will ensure you experience the Sherpas' life in their settlements.

The region is blessed with different vegetation and wildlife, even more vivid and exotic in November. The trails take you to Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO enlisted heritage known for putting in its best conservation efforts to protect the exotic flora and fauna. So, the journey itself feels like a walk along the Himalayan paradise.

You will get to experience the highs and the lows of the journey, the freshness and calmness of the region, and the genuine hospitality of the Sherpa people that will make you keep coming for more and more. Similarly, you will be able to set your foot at the only gateway of Everest in the Himalayan town of Namche Bazaar. It's a fantastic experience on its more! The Sherpa culture and hospitality will further enrich your journey, and we, for sure, know you will cherish your journey your whole life.

But, what makes the Trek to the Cho La Pass region a fantastic adventure is doing it in November! November welcomes you with open arms, the best ambiance, and the weather combining their features for a beautiful journey to the Himalayas.

So, in this article, we will explore what it feels like crossing the challenging Trek to Cho La Pass in November. First, let us understand why November makes for a wonderful autumnal trek in the Everest region.

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Everest Region and Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful month to go on a trek to the Everest region. The ambiance and warm atmosphere make a pleasurable trekking experience in autumn. Similarly, the weather is entirely in your favor, and you can trek in warm and pleasant weather. You can also enjoy your traverse surrounded by crimson red rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal. As you ascend the trail, you will experience a bit colder weather. However, considering this is a trek in the Himalayan region, the weather is the best as it can be. It also hardly rains or snows in autumn, and you do not have to worry about carrying extra rain gear.

You have to consider that the weather can get unpredictable in the Himalayas. Even in that perspective, the temperature is comparatively pretty stable in autumn! And even more so in November!

Highlights of the trek to Cho La Pass and Everest in November

Temperature and Weather

As stated, the weather and temperature are on your side in November. The sun shines brightly during the month. So, you will have a comfortable journey throughout the trail. Likewise, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold in November. It's a perfect balance and enriches your trip with its pleasant ambiance. It hardly ever rains, and the sky is clear throughout the journey. There might even be instances where you might have to take off your thick jackets just because it feels unnecessary. Similarly, the wind is also not as harsh as during other months.

In November, the temperature on average ranges between -12 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius during the daytime. While, in the nighttime, it can even drop to -20 degrees Celsius at the higher altitude sections, the temperature typically ranges between -7 degrees Celsius and 3 degrees Celsius! You need not worry about the temperature drop, especially at night, as you will be tucked in thick blankets and sleeping bags! During the day, the weather hosts 5 to 7 hours of sunshine daily. If you talk about wind velocity, it can go as high as 7 km/hr, but it usually is around 5km/hr.

The temperature and weather in November make for a beautiful trekking experience in the Cho La Pass and Everest region.

Crystal Clear Views

November offers the best panoramic views of the Everest Himalayas. The landscape is further beautified by the contrasting color of the hills, crop fields, and mountain peaks. As the weather does not encounter rainfall in November, the sky is pretty much cloudless and in a deep blue hue most days. Similarly, you can gaze at the clear stars and enjoy your Himalayan journey at night!

Wildflowers and Shades of November

In autumn, the wildflowers are in full bloom. Even more so in November! As you move your eyes left and right, the vivid and exaggerated colors of wildflowers in the surrounding hills will mesmerize you. Similarly, the trail gets a meadow-like feel with shrubs and herbs decorating your way with their fresh bloom. The reddish hues of the rhododendron trees cover the nearby hills in complete red. No doubt, this sight will charm you throughout the trek.

No Lukla Flight Cancellation

Your flight to Lukla is what takes you to the beginning of the trek in the Everest region. Due to the unpredictability of weather patterns in other seasons, especially in the monsoon, flights to and from Lukla are repeatedly canceled. You need not worry about flight cancellations in November! The sky is pretty much clear throughout November, and the flights take off on schedule. However, it is still recommended that you keep some extra days on your itinerary just in case!

Buzzing Trails

Autumnal months are among the peak trekking months in the Nepalese Himalayas. You will undoubtedly see many friendly faces en route to your destination. It will be an excellent time to exchange your trekking experiences and make new friends. The teahouses will also be brimming with like-minded trekkers having the time of their lives. It's a good time to mingle! Similarly, the vibrancy of autumn will shine through your hosts as well. All these make your journey a wonderful trekking experience!

November Festivities

In November, you will be able to explore the culture-rich heritage of the Sherpa people in the higher Himalayas. Mani Rimdu festival holds religious significance among the practicing Buddhists of the Everest region. It is also the biggest festival of the Buddhists, which usually occurs around the first two weeks of November. You will be able to explore the Sherpa cuisine and cultures, adding a soulful value to your journey. Similarly, you could also catch up with the practicing Hindus celebrating Dashain and Tihar in November. These festivals are two of the major festival of the Nepalese Hindus.

Exploring the culture and cuisine is a great way to learn more about a country, and it's a good time to do so in November. In Nepal, the festival fates are set in place following the lunar calendar, and the dates usually vary depending on the year. However, if you want to explore more of these festivals, November is an excellent addition to your trekking options!

The Journey in itself!

The Everest trek with Cho La Pass and Gokyo lakes provides you with the best the region can offer! Exploring the teal-colored high-altitude lakes is a dream for many! Similarly, crossing the challenging Cho La Pass at more than 5400m is a story for the books. Additionally, exploring the beautiful and historically significant Sherpa towns and settlements such as Namche Bazaar, Tengboche and Gorakshep will give you more insights into the Sherpa culture. And, paying your respect to the mountaineers who lost their lives on the Everest summit at Thukla pass will be ingrained in your memories forever. The destination is definitely worth it in November!

Some Tips for your November Trek to Cho La Pass

  • It is crucial that you prepare yourself physically and mentally.
  • Hire a guide and a porter to make the most of your trek.
  • Be wary of altitude sickness and take maximum precautions.
  • Only tour via a reputed and trustworthy trekking company.
  • Keep some extra days in your itinerary, just in case!

We hope this blog has helped you gain insights about the November trek to Cho La Pass and the Everest region. It is vital to research on your part as well. After all, the month or season you favor for a trek also depends on your preferences. Happy trekking!

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