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Intending to go for a trek to the Everest Region this April, but not sure if that's a suitable time for you to embark on this thrilling journey? Worry not. We're here to help you. Spring, being the peak season, is the time of choice for trekkers around the globe to get closer to the world's highest peak. The trek to Everest Cho La Pass in April not only quenches your thirst for adventure but also gives you the fortune to experience the culture as Nepal celebrates its New Year in April.

Yes, you heard that right. We follow Bikram Sambat (BS) instead of AD here in Nepal, according to which the New Year falls in mid-April. Nepalese from different ethnic background living all over the country celebrates the New Year in their traditional way. So, the trek to Everest Cho La Pass in April serves you a perfect blend of nature and culture.

Enough about the New Year! You're here to seek aspirations for your next Everest trekking expedition. So, let's get right into it. The trek to Everest Cho La Pass differs slightly from the usual Everest Base Camp Trek. Alongside hiking to the base camp of the world's highest mountain peak and Kala Patthar (the highest point of the trek at 5545 meters), you ascend further to Gokyo Valley, passing by surreal Cho La Pass, which is at the height of 5370 meters.

You would love to discover the hike's seductive magnificence of mountains, glaciers, Rhododendron-clad valleys, mountain passes, lakes, and more. For experienced and motivated high-altitude hikers, it is the ideal Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes journey. And what better month to get lost in the Himalayan foothills than April when the sky is in its most vibrant blue with the warm sun peeking through the bright white clouds floating in the skyline?

Let's be honest! The trek to Everest Cho La Pass is not for faint-hearted people. Though the Everest region is one of the well-established treks in Nepal and is equipped with comfortable accommodation and food, it still is a high-altitude trek. You will have to transcend the rough terrain of cold Himalayan territory. However, the trek to Everest Cho La Pass in April makes it a little more bearable as April marks the end of winter. The days become longer, and the sun becomes brighter in April, making it the most favorable month for those who aren't habitual to trekking in sub-zero temperatures.

As we move forward with the blog, we go deeper into why April is the finest month to trek to Everest Cho La Pass, some of the journey's highlights, and challenges you might encounter. Please continue reading to get a clear picture of what it's like to trek to Everest Cho La Pass in April.

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Highlights of the Trek to Everest Cho La Pass in April

Spring in Everest Cho La Pass Region

After a long winter, spring arrives in Nepal with its open arms and cozy atmosphere, making the time of year ideal for trekking. The temperature is not as chilly as in the winter, and the mood is surprisingly upbeat. Similar to how the sky shines brightly in the spring, you can travel on a comfortable trail the entire time.

The Everest region's trees come back to life in the spring, and the season is beautifully contrasted by the arrival of new flowers and leaf buds. Springtime hues may be seen everywhere. The wildflowers are also in full bloom in the spring, and the surrounding is lively.

Adding more colors to an already vibrant spring blooms the national flower of Nepal, the Rhododendron. The Everest Cho La Pass trail is beautifully decorated in red with Rhododendron forests at the lower altitude of the trek. The landscape gradually looks sturdy with rocky paths, snow-capped mountains, and the least vegetation.

Weather and Temperature

The weather is erratic in the Himalayas, particularly in the Everest region. Nevertheless, the weather in April is mainly constant based on the climate and meteorological data. Depending on the altitude zones, the temperature changes. As a result, the temperature is generally higher at a lower height than at a higher altitude.

The temperature ranges from 25 degrees Celsius at its highest in lower regions in the daytime and -15 degrees Celsius at its lowest at night. Since there is enough sunshine to make up for the cool weather, it is not a problem along the walk. But at night, especially in higher areas, it can get icy. Therefore, bring some sleeping bags and wrap up warm.

In addition, there are no dark clouds this month, making the sky the cleanest you have ever seen. So, you don't need to worry about rain. In reality, April rarely experiences rainfall.

Epic Flight to Lukla

Hilary Tensing Airport, commonly known as Lukla Airport, is located on a steep hillside slope of Lukla with a 450 m long and 20 m wide runway that is inclined at a startling 12%. These daunting numbers make the airport one of the most dangerous airports in the world. So, you're definitely up for a thrill. However, if the weather permits, you would be able to witness pristine snow-capped mountains from the sky, making that 30 minutes flight worth a while.

Modern Himalayan Town, Namche Bazar

If you're an avid trekker, you must have heard about the infamous Namche Bazar. This small town located in the Khumbu region is the gateway to the high Himalayas. Despite being situated at an altitude of 3340 meters, the town has access to luxury stays and international cuisine. You'd be surprised to find German bakeries and Irish pubs that high in the mountains. Most trekkers acclimatize here while ascending upwards to the Everest Cho La Pass region and spend a relaxing day on the way back.

Buzzing Trails

In the Nepalese Himalayas, the spring months are usually the busiest. Undoubtedly, you'll pass by many welcoming faces on the way to the Everest Cho la Pass. Making new acquaintances and exchanging hiking stories would make great teahouse memories. The teahouses will be packed with enthusiastic trekkers enjoying a great time. The timing is just right to socialize!

April Events

Sherpas make up the majority of the population in the Everest region, and their culture and religion are mainly Buddhist. However, Hindus who reside in the hilly area observe Ram Navami, celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ram. The people of Nepal also celebrate their national new year in the middle of April, making it a perfect time to get to know about the history and enjoy the event with locals.

Trek Difficulty in April

Cho La Pass Trek is arduous because it requires crossing the treacherous Cho La Pass. The path is rough and steep, with a number of ascents and descents. The journey becomes a little taxing due to the high altitude. Before beginning the pass trek, we advise those who are new to trekking to go on a couple of hikes or get some exercise. However, the warm sunny days of April make the expedition somehow easier.

One of a Kind Journey to the Everest Region

Everest, the name is enough. To be able to see the tallest mountain peak up-close is a dream come true for keen hikers. The Everest journey includes the region's best, including Cho La Pass and Gokyo lakes. Ascending more than 5400 meters to cross the challenging Cho La Pass is an incredible feat in itself.

Likewise, visiting attractive and historically significant Sherpa towns and villages, such as Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, and Gorakshep, to discover more about the Sherpa way of life is also an experience of a lifetime.

Also, paying respects to the climbers who lost their lives on the Everest peak at the Thukla Pass will stay in your memory forever. The destination is, without a doubt, worthwhile in April!

Challenges You May Encounter

No matter how prepared you are, once you're in the wild, you must let nature decide your fate. In rare scenarios, you may encounter natural disasters like avalanches. So, you have to be prepared for the worst. Travel insurance is recommended so you can be safely rescued in case of any unfortunate circumstances.

Altitude sickness is the most common obstacle trekkers who aren't familiar with high altitudes face. Proper medication, enough hydration, and rest days are advised.

Due to unpredictable weather conditions in the Himalayas, sometimes your flight to Lukla may get delayed or even canceled. So, it's safe to have a couple of buffer days in hand.

Things to Consider Before Commencing the Trek

  • Prepare yourself physically and mentally.
  • Hiring a guide and a porter makes your trek safer and more comfortable.
  • Take every measure to avoid altitude sickness.
  • Plan a few extra days, just in case.
  • Always book your trip with a trusted travel company.

There you go! We've provided you with all the information needed to trek to Everest Cho La Pass in April. If the above conditions favor you, wait no more and book a trip with us. The Outfitter Nepal has been in the business for over a decade now. Providing the best service is our priority, and our happy trekkers are proof of it. Happy trekking!

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