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If you think of trekking in Nepal, Annapurna and Everest region are the two favorite trekking destinations for travel enthusiasts from all over the world. These regions offer you an array of variety and go beyond your expectations. Annapurna circuit is a top trekking venture on its own, taking you to around 5500m altitudes! Many prefer to trek this destination for the blooming mix of culture, landscape and a unique taste of nature. Annapurna circuit takes you on an adventure you will cherish forever. Thus, if you want to plan a trek in Nepal, we highly recommend trekking to the Annapurna circuit region.

You might come up with a concern regarding what would be a favorable time for you to trek to the Annapurna circuit. Weather and season play a great role in making the most out of your trip. Autumn is usually the first choice of most amateur and pro-trek enthusiasts. Autumn comes in with the perfect atmosphere, crystal blue skies and a warm embrace of the region's unique culture. In Nepal, September, October, and November are the autumnal months. If you are convinced to go on a trek in autumn, we recommend September!

Why September? Well, you will find the answer to that question soon enough. First, let’s explore a bit about the Annapurna circuit and the Annapurna region. The circuit trek in the Annapurna region traverses through many unique villages, giving you a taste of the diverse ethnicity in the region. With ethnicities come their own culture. Plus, the simple village life they talk about on the TV, you’ll get acquainted with it too. The Annapurna region is a hotspot of diverse terrain, landscapes and biodiversity, which you can openly admire during your trek. Plus, the clear views of autumn allow you to gaze at the panoramic views of the Himalayas better than in any other season!

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Annapurna Circuit and Autumn

The autumnal months in the Annapurna region offer the best weather and temperature experience, making the season an ideal time to trek the region. The days are consistently brighter than ever! The trekkers can partake in the crystal clear ambience. The sky is cloudless and sunny, and the weather is also rarely gloomy.

Most importantly, autumn months have almost no likelihood of rainfall. Annapurna region is also an infamous breeding place for leeches. But, in the mid and late autumn, you do not have to worry about leeches sucking blood off your feet (or somewhere else)! Nature during autumn is radiant and the early autumnal months are enriched with greenery. Machhapuchhare, Annapurna I, II III, IV, Dhaulagiri range and surrounding mountains show off their snowy peaks and dazzling smiles gleefully during autumn!

Now we explore September as the underrated trekking month.

Highlights of trekking in the Annapurna Circuit Region in September

September is the first month marking the welcoming of autumn right after spring. The month of September is not a peak trekking month per se, making it a perfect time to embark on an Annapurna circuit venture. Likewise, the weather in the region has just started getting warmer in September. Although it might rain sometimes, the showers are mostly drizzling and do not obstruct your journey. Similarly, the imprints of the monsoon have not yet left in September. To simplify, this means the vegetation is greener and calmer than in any other autumnal month.

Thus, if you want to enjoy nature at its finest, September offers you the lush green vegetation that makes the atmosphere more vibrant than any other time of the year! In addition, the sky is also clear most of the time and the weather makes your journey comfortable.

Here are some highlights about why you must consider September for your trek to the Annapurna circuit.

Temperature and Weather in September

The first two weeks of September face some amount of monsoon rain. In September, there is some reminiscence of monsoon season. However, the weather is stable and sunny in most cases. While, in the latter half of September, the weather is comparatively much more vibrant with almost no likelihood of rainfall. The weather in September, all in all, is pleasant and offers you mesmerizing panorama of the Nepalese Himalaya.

The temperature in the Himalayas is also dependent on the altitude at which you journey. Thorong La Pass is the highest altitude you reach during your trek in the Annapurna circuit region, at around 5416m. No matter what season or month, the weather is extremely chilly in the pass region. The lowest temperature you may have to endure during your trek is around -4 degrees Celsius while the region can reach a temperature as high as 23 degrees Celsius.

The low altitude sections of the Annapurna region have comparatively higher temperature ranges, while as you ascend towards the higher altitude sections, the temperature can get extremely cold. Packing warm clothes is always advisable during your trek in the Annapurna circuit.

Unobstructed Clear Views

The previous monsoon months have washed away dust and rain, making the environment fresh in the Annapurna region. The atmosphere is cleaner than ever and you can smell fresh mud dissimilating in the air after a clear rain. The Himalayas are the most vibrant in September, with graceful kneeling of the green-pastured hills. The mountains feel closer than ever. You might even get inspired to dabble into poetry on your way! The ambience makes your journey far more entertaining!

It’s Greenery in all the Corners

September is the greenest autumnal month, with blooming wildflowers, the greenest of trees and lush vegetation making your way on the trail. The forests feel like the welcoming gateway to the Himalayas. It’s almost as if nature brought a hyper-realistic painting back to life. The pasture after the tree line is filled with growing and budding shrubs and grasses. September is nature’s favorite! You can even witness some yaks grazing on the green pastures having the time of their life! This is nature at its best in the Annapurna region!

Less Crowded Solitude Trail

Although autumn is a peak trekking season, the limelight has not yet focused on September! Thus, September welcomes far fewer trekkers than you can even imagine. This is good news for you if you do not like the busy hustling and bustling that occurs during the peak autumn. The foot traffic is comparatively lower. So, you could enjoy the trail all by yourself, with no disturbance or interference from other trekkers.

September Festivities

If you want to tap into the unique culture of the Nepalese people, September is the time! Nepal is a melting pot of people of different ethnicities and religions living together in harmony. In September, you can witness the amazing festival of Teej, celebrate exclusively by Hindu Nepali women. Whether you are in Kathmandu or trekking in the Annapurna region, Teej is celebrated by Hindu women everywhere. Women are draped in red or green sari and get together with their sisterhood, visit temples and celebrate the festivals through dance and fast. It is a sight you have got to see!

Things you must know before your Trek to Annapurna Circuit

  • September is a tricky month. Monsoon has just opened the gateway to autumn in September, so, it might rain sometimes. Do not go on the trek with a full expectation of getting to clear skies all trek long.
  • You might encounter a busier trail in the latter days of September. The lodges and teahouses, which are already limited will also experience crowded accommodation.
  • BEWARE OF LEECHES! It is not monsoon anymore but you might still get leeches stuck on your legs! The soil is wetter and damper in the early days. Be sure to take necessary precautions!

Is hiring a Guide a Necessity for your September Trek to the Annapurna Circuit?

Well, yes and no. It also depends on your previous trekking experience (if you have any). You will be trekking more around 3 weeks in the circuit. That is a lot of days! Having a guide with you means you will be getting extra knowledge from a local person, which can make your trekking an enriching experience. They also know all the routes! This way, you won't get lost! Guides also know all the tricks to have the best trekking experience ever. That will add more to your adventure. Hiring a guide for your September trek is recommended, but the choice is yours ultimately!


With all the wonderful features you can experience in September, it is still an underrated trekking month. If trekking in the Annapurna circuit region has piqued your interest, we highly recommend you go on a trek in September. From the information presented in the blog alone, you must have gotten some ideas of what you can expect during your circuit trek. You can decide on your trek accordingly.

We hope you got answers to the queries you were looking for, via this blog! You can also go through some of our Annapurna region trekking packages to get more information. In case of any queries, do not hesitate to contact us! Happy Trekking!

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