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Nepal offers families with children a fantastic experience on many levels as the capital city, the Kathmandu is often congested taking an environmentally friendly rickshaw puts a smile on every child's face while avoiding busy streets on foot.

The capital city has a host of child friendly garden courtyard style restaurants away from the busy streets and restaurants are very accommodating to children and it's worthwhile asking them to make subtle changes to menu items such as reducing spices.

Hotels in Kathmandu are also accommodating to families with children, the vast majority will have triple rooms or even rooms with four beds. It's also possible to request an extra mattress in your room or in higher budget hotels a cot. Many hotels have closed in gardens that children can play in or rooftop gardens though it is important to inspect these facilities for your own requirements.

The Swayambunath is favored among many children visiting Kathmandu city, the iconic stupa overlooking the whole city offers up a variety of sights. Known affectionately as the “Monkey Temple” due to a large number of Rhesus Macaque monkeys living there, these primates offer a good distraction for children. But, it's important to remember not to feed the monkeys and to keep your possessions away from them! For a quieter, more peaceful stay with younger children you might want to consider staying in the World Heritage city of Bhaktapur which is a short ride from Kathmandu city.

Bhaktapur Durbar Squire

Bhaktapur offers a quiet environment set in a traditional Newar city. The streets here are pedestrian friendly and filled with hidden treasures from potters spinning clay to Thangka painters working on large colorful artworks. The hotels in Bhaktapur offer homely stays with many of the owners delighted to have young families staying with them. It's a great opportunity to learn more about Nepalese family life. Don't be surprised if you get an offer to join them for a meal or tea more than once!

The resort town of Pokhara is another great place for families with children visiting Nepal. Lake Phewa offers safe boating overlooking still waters. A hike up to the World Peace Stupa overlooking lakeside is a great day out for children. After a short boat ride across the lake you hike for about 1 hour before reaching a glistening stupa with panoramic views of the lake and Annapurna Mountains. Descending down the other side offers visits to underground caves.

Peace Stupa in Pokhara

The guest houses in Pokhara's Lakeside offer family friendly rooms and restaurants with closed in gardens or courtyards to put your mind at rest. Meanwhile walks around the lake make for great morning or afternoon activities. High above the par gliders and micro lights offer an amazing experience for young adults to fly close to the mountains. Do check with the flight company regarding age restrictions for younger children. When in Pokhara one can't help but mention the vast number of treks many children enjoy.

Depending on the age of your child you could pick short 3-4 days treks to Poon Hill or Sarangkot Dhampus. Older children who enjoy trekking could also participate in longer treks like the Annapurnna Circuit and the Annapurna Base camp as well. For parents with younger children it's possible to hire a porter with a wooden doko basket for a fun way to carry your child on a trek.

The Jungle activities in Chitwan National Park offer yet more incredible things for children to enjoy while visiting Nepal. Half-day or full-day jungle treks are popular as the real possibility of seeing a wild rhino, elephant, deer or even a tiger becomes a reality. Again, it's possible to hire a porter to help carry small children.

Whether you are looking for things to do with children that are educational, environmentally friendly, outdoor or family oriented Nepal offers a dazzling array of fun activities for children of all ages.

Not only the city tours are available for children in Nepal more over there are many tour and trekking program suitable for children in Nepal, you can view some of them on our  Family friendly tours and we have special package for the children as well.

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