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There are many reasons why travelers from all over the world should book their trek and tour in Nepal with a local company and one of the most important reason is the local trekking companies are established to organize your holiday in Nepal and if no one want to use the local company for their trekking in Nepal, there is not any reason to invest money and establish the company.

Of course there are many international travel companies around the globe and they also organize the trekking in Nepal however many of the tourist do know that these huge companies are working with local company in partnership and using services of the local agency, which prove that the local company are capable to handle all the tourist so, there is not any reason not to book holiday directly with the local company as you will get the services from these company where ever you book your trek.

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Reasons to Book Trips with Local Company

To get best price

Local company offer best and fair price for the trekking holidays in Nepal as the operation and the staff cost in Nepal is cheap compare to other develop countries, which does not mean that we offer poor service as there will be local guide and staff on your trek even you book your trek with big international companies, the local company can offer cheap because you are booking your trek directly with the local company and there is not any middle man to take commission and there is not any third party in between.

To promote local economy

When you book your trek with local company, the money directly goes to the local economy, country like Nepal make lot of difference from the money you pay as tourism of Nepal is the back bone of the Nepali economy and thousands of people are involved in tourism, so, why not support to local economy and entrepreneurs.

To get Authentic information

The local company is based in Nepal and you are traveling and trekking in Nepal, which mean these companies are in field and they are up to update for what is happening in Nepal which mean can offer you authentic and realistic information about any trek or tour program, political situation or any news and updates about the trek and other sectors,

To use local staff and products

When you book your trek with local company, you will use Nepali local staff for your holidays including local guide, porters, sherpas etc.. And you know that there is no one can explain about the tourism spots rather than the locals as they are the master of their places.

To have flexibility on your Trips

Basically, big companies offer scheduled and group holidays and travelers need to follow the group travel and they cancel the booked trek if they do not get enough booking for the fixed dates treks however it is always possible to arrange the trek and tour with local company even you are single planning to travel, as we are local company and we can organize the trek for even single person for any date that is the most suitable for you and the local company does not offer only the fixed itinerary for the trek, they can offer you tailor made trek itineraries and customized holiday  according to the days you have for Nepal.

After reading the above information that there is not any reason for not to book your holidays in Nepal with local company, and Outfitter Nepal Treks and Expedition is one of the local company that has fulfilled all the legal liabilities and has been organizing trek in Nepal for many years and it has been successful to track good record in the trekking industry in Nepal, so, we would like to request to take our trekking services and know about us more.

Raj Kumar Basnet

Raj Kumar Basnet

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Raj Kumar Basnet holds more than two decades of travelling experience in different regions of Nepal. He has trekked in both popular and off-the-beaten-path Nepali trekking trails which have allowed him to gain expertise in tourism. With years of field experience under his belt, he is now concentrating on sharing as much of his tourism knowledge as possible. Now, the co-owner of Outfitter Nepal, he hopes that the knowledge he’s gained over the years would deem helpful for the travellers visiting Nepal!

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