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Nepal is Himalayan Paradise with world’s greatest Himalayas and some of the great base camp treks are in Nepal, the base camp trek does not go to the summit more over it goes to the best camp of the high Himalayas and some of the most popular base camp treks are given below.

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The Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest Base camp is the most popular base camp trek not only in Nepal but also in the world as the Everest is the world’s peak and not all the people are able and dare to summit the peak of the roof top of the earth however many want to see and tough the base camp of the great Himalaya and you do not need to have any previous trekking experience unless you are physically fit and healthy then you can to the Everest Base Camp Trek and there are nice and comfortable lodge/teahouse available en route Everest base camp so, the trekking to Everest Base Camp Trek now is easy and it is even easier when you take our organized trek, the Everest Base Camp trek starts with short flight to Lukla from Kathmandu and the trek gradually goes up to the base camp and return to Lukla for the return flight to Kathmandu.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The Annapurna Base camp is another popular base camp trek in Nepal and the Annapurna Base camp trek starts from Pokhara, a day drive from Kathmandu and the Annapurna Base camp trek includes visit of the Ghorepani and Poon hill, as the Poon hill is the great hill from where amazing Himalayan Panorama are seen and the sunrise view over these Himalayas are very popular then the trek goes to Annapurna Base camp by passing through Dadapani, Chhomrong, Himalaya and MBC and after visiting the Annapurna base camp then trek down to Nayapul for return drive to Pokhara, the Annapurna base camp trek is doable all around the year however Sept to Dec and March to May are considered to be the best time to trek to Annapurna base camp.

Makalu Base Camp Trek

The Makalu base camp is adventure base camp trek in the eastern part of Nepal as the Makalu is one of the highest peak in the world and the trek to the Makalu base had to be organized in camping style however some basic tea house and lodges have built on the trail to Makalu Base camp so, we can do simple tea house based trek in Makalu Region and the treks starts after short flight to Tumlingtar and the trek gradually goes up to the MaKalu base camp and after visiting the base camp then we trek down to Tumlingtar for return flight to Kathmandu.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

The trekking to the Kanchenjunga base camp is an adventure and there are two base camp of the Kanchejunaga, one call North base camp and another is south base camp, you can do one of the base camps of both base camps with high mirgin la pass in between. The Kanchenjunga trek starts after drive or flight from Kathmandu to Taplejung and there are two options for the trail either you want to trek the north route to North base camp or south route to south base camp so, do let us know which base camp of Kanchenjunga you prefer then we will offer you the itinerary or we have the complete itinerary if you want to do the both base camps.

Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek

The Dhaulagiri Base camp trek is an adventure camping trek in Nepal, the Dhaulagiri is one of the highest mountain and the trekking to base camp of the massif Himalaya is an amazing adventure journey through many villages, valleys, hills and terraces, the trekking to Dhaulagiri base camp starts from Beni, a day drive from Kathmandu and trek starts and goes gradually to the base camp of the Ghaulagiri and go pass over French col pass and goes to hidden valley and trek further down to Jomaom for flight back to Pokhara so, over all the Dhauligiri base camp trek is adventure high Himalayan trek in Nepal and only few dare to reach to  Dhaulagiri Base camp.

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