Lakuri Bhanjyang is one of the known hill stations nearby Kathmandu Valley, which is considered to be a paradise for the visitors. Lakuri Bhanjyang is a famous picnic spot located on the southeast corner of Kathmandu valley, eastern edge of Lalitpur district. This place provides a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains, and one can see the entire view of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur from this spot.

The sunrise view from this point s really magical, plus from here one gets a chance to visit the mesmerizing typical Nepali villages and learn about the amazing culture and lifestyle of people, and also get an opportunity to taste the local food. If one summarizes this spot, it will come out as a place with amazing panoramic mountain view, decorated with lush green vegetations, fine village, and it's always smiling & helpful local people.

Generally, Lakuri Bhanjyang is a day hiking kind of place. There are various ways to reach this place. It is 13 kilometers far from Ringroad Gwarko, 9 Kilometers away from Sanga, which is in Bhaktapur, and 10 kilometers away from the Godavari. If you opt for traveling to Lakuri Bhanjyang via bus then one can get a bus from the Lagankhel Bus park or from Purano bus park.

It is a place, which is basically famous for those who want to enjoy nature, relax, and get drowned into the amazing view, yet it never fails to disappoint the adventure lovers as in this place one can go for hiking, paragliding, or riding a motorbike.

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