Garden of Dreams is a desert spring of harmony and common magnificence in the bustling city of Kathmandu. It was the brainchild of Kaiser Shamsher Jung Bahadur Rana for his private patio nursery. Motivated from the Edwardian style with a formal course of action of bushes, blossoms, and trees, the greenery enclosure on culmination in 1920, was considered as one most advanced patio nurseries of the time.

Kaiser Shamsher made 6 structures inside the patio nursery, each speaking to a season, which is the reason the Garden of Dreams is additionally called Garden of Six Seasons. Aside from the troupe of structures, the greenhouse additionally brandished wellsprings, pergolas, improving patio nursery furnishings, urns, aviaries and so forth. After Kaiser Shumsher passing, the greenery enclosure went under the control of the Nepal government, however, because of the absence of legitimate upkeep, it laid in remnants for quite a while till it was reestablished later.

Today, the Garden of Dreams is a noteworthy recess spot and goes about as quiet reprieve for the city tenants. It tends to be reserved for private capacities yet not the uproarious or clamorous lord. Guests are just permitted to bring a container of water and chips. Bringing some other nourishment and picnicking is prohibited. There is an in house eatery that serves awesome international cooking.

History of Garden of Dreams

The Garden of Dreams, a neoclassical recorded greenery enclosure, is arranged amidst Kathmandu city, Nepal. The Garden was marked as the greenery enclosure of Six Seasons which was made by late Field Marshal Kaiser Shamsher Rana (1892-1964) in mid-1920. After the fruition of this Garden, it was considered as a standout amongst the most advanced private greenhouses of that time. Be that as it may, it was a private garden of Kaiser Shamsher, it was delightfully structured motivated by the acclaimed Edwardian style.

Kishore Narsingh, a conspicuous modeler who planned and built Singha Durbar in 1907, structured and directed the development of the Garden of Dreams. Inside the Garden dividers, Kaiser Shamsher made a choice troupe of structures, wellsprings, enhancing garden furnishings, and European motivated highlights, for example, verandas, pergolas, balustrades, urns, and perch rooms. He raised six amazing structures, each committed to one of the six periods of Nepal. These structures gave the Garden's engineering system and loaned a cosmopolitan flavor to the formal course of action of blossoms, bushes, and trees. Today, just 50% of the first patio nursery is in presence.

Garden of Dreams was reestablished in participation with the Austrian Government amid the time of 2000 to 2007 with the collaboration of Nepal Ministry of Education. The Garden of Dreams turned into a position of quiet desert spring loaded with exceptional draftsman and assortments of blooms and fauna brought from the diverse nations. Patio nursery of Dreams has substantiated itself that we can create and re-establish landmarks and royal residences as touristic intersections, which lie lethargic for a long time.

Garden of Dreams has enchanted the guests as far back as it was opened to their joy. To bring things into viewpoints, Garden of Dreams is our way of life just as national legacy where we can feel glad. It has enhanced the personal satisfaction of the natives of Kathmandu valley just as the voyagers need to spend. It revives and restores the psyche, body, and soul with its atmosphere and civilities.

We investigate every possibility to ensure and save this desert spring of harmony and serenity without trading off its holiness. We are anticipating enhancing the current courtesies. We are quick to grasp the chances to make the patio nursery a symbol of restoration in the midst of the clamoring and tumultuous way of life of the city.

Interesting Facts of the Garden of Dreams

A retreat in the middle of arid Kathmandu’s bustle, the Garden of Dreams is a neoclassical monument dedicated to exceptional beauty and vibrant aesthetics. In 2013, this garden was suggested by Times magazine as one of the 24 must-visit places in the world in its Adventure Travel tour packages. This magnificent opus of natural allure, in the absence of an equally beautiful and managed counterpart, serves today as a common hangout for friends and families.

Designed and constructed by Kishore Narsingh Rana and his brother Kumar Narsingh, the Garden of Dreams embodies Kaiser Shamsher personal, refined taste in architecture, especially the Edwardian style, landscape, and beauty. Saanu Karmacharya, Office Assistance at the Garden of Dreams, says, “When Kaiser Shamsher had gone to England, he visited the gardens of the then king, Edward VII. Those gardens inspired him to have one back home.”

Things to See in the Garden of Dreams

Inside the Garden of Dreams, one will encounter the perfect and mesmerizing blend of architecture and nature beautiful enough to leave anyone stunned. There are various seats all through the patio nurseries that you can sit and unwind on or read a book. Or then again for those that like to watch the garden normally has more nearby individuals than travelers. From understudies, whose affluent guardians can bear the cost of the extra charges, to seeking couples searching for some protection the greenery enclosure's dividers hold numerous a murmur and demure grin.

There's the Kaiser bistro where you can arrange a dinner or essentially an espresso. You can sit under the shade of one of the numerous structures. Visit the Kaiser Gallery or if it's open the little exhibition hall/library. The Barkha bar has frozen yogurt and cakes while the Tea Salon presents some fairly selective Himalayan teas. Different occasions are regularly held in The Garden of Dreams with the little ground level Greek styled amphitheater frequently utilized for plays, singing, and challenges.