Nepal has different eating habit from Europe and other countries, we basically sit on the floor and eat with our right hand from plate and we wash our hand and face before eating, eating any thing even tea/coffee before brushing teeth is dirty, We Nepaly do not talk while eating and basically, the host eat after the guest eat so, when you are invited to eat then basically, you will be alone eating cause the host want to concentrates on services, this is the sign of politeness more over it may make europeans or foreigners unconfortable but this is our culture.
Some of Nepalese are vegetarians for religious or moral reasons and even eggs are often avoided and basically, we have three meals on a day:


Cornflakes, toast with jam or butter or honey and eggs are common breakfast in hotels and restaurants in Nepal.

Lunch and dinner

For the Nepali, dal is known as ‘dal bhat tarkari’, Dal is Lentil soup and made from lentils and is the most important source of protein for the Nepalese. Bhat is rice, and is used in quantities that westerners find unbelievable! Tarkari curry and cooked with masala, which is a combination of spices, the curry can be cooked from vegetables, potatoes, and cauliflower:

International food

The internationals food are widely found in Nepal these days, there are many western and local restaurants in cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and chitwan and in Himalayan regions and they serve Nepal and continental food and there are simple restaurants in most of the trekking trails who serve international and local food as well.

Tap water

Tap water is not suitable for drinking in Nepal for the tourists, we Nepalese drink the water from the tap since we have been drinking it for long time so, Tourist will have to buy mineral water or use the drinking water produced in middle-class and expensive hotels and restaurants. This water is boiled or filtered with a bacteria filter. Mineral water is relatively expensive in the Mountain.