Dakshinkali Temple is a standout amongst the most important sanctuaries in Nepal. It is one of the ancient, historic, and religious temple dedicated to one of the forms of Lord Shiva’s wife Goddess Kali “the goddess of time, death, and destruction. Dakshinkali basically means the goddess of the south where “Dakshin “stands for south direction. Kali is one of the incarnations of Goddess Parvati.

Dakshinkali temple is located in the southwest part of the Kathmandu valley, which is nearly forty-five minutes’ drive by taxi from Kathmandu. The heaven and its encompassing are committed to goddess Kali, the deity who demands life two times a week, Tuesday and Saturday. So, a huge mass of devotees assembles particularly on Tuesdays and Saturdays were they for the most part sacrifice cocks and uncastrated male goats, as well as lots of animals, are forfeited during the holy festival of Dashain.

By the manner in which seeing a thin path between mountains is pulled in and it is worthwhile to stroll down and over the old suspension connect, tossing a look down into the limited and profound hole. The view is only marvelous with all the green vegetable around, and the climate is simply excessively wonderful around there. In this spot, non-Hindus can't enter the building where the divinity as Kali is found. Pictures can be taken from outside.

People can likewise make an excursion spot in this spot. Since, this spot is very far from the valley, there are less bustle, swarm, and different sorts of contamination. Individuals can likewise be getting a charge out of with loved ones in this spot. This spot is basic with greater amusement just as blessed spot. Individuals trust that in the event that we implore the goddess and offer penance our foes will end, and we will be triumphs in our direction, and loads of other individuals to make their desires to the goddess. This spot is great on the off chance that you once visit you will always remember a lifetime.

History of Dakshinkali Temple

Legend says that once a Malla king dreamt of Goddess Kali, and she directed the king to construct a temple in a very strange and unknown spot. The king took it as a command and directed his men to start the construction immediately while constructing an individual said that, he had located a stone picture of goddess Kali in a similar spot where goddess Kali told the king to construct the temple. The picture was then left open with the components as she told over her head a pleated shade was kept erect with four brilliant snakes. Additionally, one can observe the pictures of ruler Ganesh, seven Asthamatrikas and a stone Bhairav close by the pictures of the goddess.

Some Interesting Facts about Dakshinkali Temple

Dakshinkali is well known as the excursion spot for local people. A climbing and a short trekking background in Dakshinkali is loved by the numerous voyagers resulting in these present circumstances place.

Dakshinkali Temple is of extraordinary significance among the individuals who need her approval and furthermore among the favored ones. There is a firm trust in the potential of the goddess to make wishes work out as expected. Among thousands of guests, we can see sweethearts, businessperson, kids, understudies, work searchers, debilitated, and so forth.

Here wishes are made before the goddess with the penance of creatures especially of cockerels and uncastrated male goats. On Tuesday and Saturday, and especially amid the celebration of Dashain, the yard of the sanctuary is secured with the blood of animals and goddess Kali is washed with the blood.

Things to See in Dakshinkali Temple

When you get to the parking parcel of the Dakshinkali sanctuary, it is tad swarmed. The way at that point drives you down a shaded stone pathway lined by nearby individuals moving blossom and contributions for the Goddess, bison milk yogurt and Khuwa (a dense milk sweet).

Saturdays in Dakshinkali resemble merry sanctuary reasonable, with hordes of admirers wearing their best garments, tea slows down doing great business and individuals hauling goats and chickens for the penance to the Goddess.

Sanctuary is located down the trip of steps open to the sky and is beautified with the shelter of overlaid snakes. The dark stone picture of Kali demonstrates her crouching on a carcass, symbolizing triumph after some time. She holds other unnerving seals, for example, skull container, a separated head, and a sword. At the edges are cherished pictures of Ganesh, the Ashta Matrika, and a plain stone Bhairab.

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