Chitwan National Park is also known as the paradise for the nature lovers, and utopia for those who love watching animals in their natural habitat. The Chitwan national park is well renowned for being rich in the bio diversity. Chitwan National Park has some of the dense and grassy plains, which is home to various rare animals. This national park is the first national park in Nepal established in 1973 and made its place in the world heritage site in 1984 AD. Chitwan National Park covers a total area of nearly 952.63 square kilometers, which covers the total area of Nawalpur, Parsa, Chitwan, and Makwanpur.

Located in between Terai and Hilly region of Nepal, Chitwan National Park is a part of the World Natulral Heritage Sites. More accurately, this park is located in South Central Nepal in the subtropical lowlands of the Inner Terai. The park ranges from 110 to 850 meters above sea level. Likewise, Chitwan National Park is bordered with Parsa Wildlife Reserve in the east and India in the south. This park is home to numerous wildlife including several endangered animals like one-horned rhinoceros, gharial crocodile, and royal Bengal tiger along with birds like giant hornbill.

Climate of Chitwan national park

Chitwan National Park has a tropical monsoon climate, which is highly hot, humid, and sticky throughout the year. As this area is located in the central climatic zone of the Himalayas, the monsoon starts from mid-June and last till late September. Chitwan National Park has three major climates summer (March to June), monsoon (July to September), and the temperature cools down & winter arrives from October to February.

Vegetation in Chitwan national park

Chitwan National Park can be characterized by the tropical and subtropical forests. This national parks most of the areas have been covered by the moist deciduous vegetation type of the Terai region. Besides forests, there is a huge area, which is covered by the grasslands, and more than 50 species of grasses can be found in this region including the world's tallest grasses.

Wildlifes in Chitwan national park

Chitwan National Park has a wide variety of faunal diversity. Nearly 700 species of wildlife can be observed in this park. Nearly 17 species of snakes, monitor lizards and starred tortoise also reside in this park. Chitwan National Park also has nearly 113 species of fishes, and there were nearly 235 gharials in the 1950s, which dropped and reached to 38 gharials in 2003. Every year this place attracts a lot of bird watchers as there are nearly 543 recorded species of birds out of which most of them are globally endangered.

Facts about Chitwan National Park

  • The word ‘Chitwan ‘means ‘Heart of the jungle’.
  • Chitwan national park is regarded as one of Asia’s best national parks for wildlife observation.
  • Chitwan national park exists within a high humidity region that experiences a tropical monsoon climate. The monsoon run from the middle of June until the end of September.
  • Nearly about two-thirds of the globally threatened species of birds are found in Chitwan national park. Altogether are 543 species of birds are recorded to be found here.
  • Birds found in Chitwan national park includes grey-crowned Prinia, swamp francolin, Bengal florican, spotted eagles, grass warblers, oriental darter, storks, egrets, and many others.
  • Chitwan national park is the major tourist destination of the Terai region of Nepal.
  • From 1989 to 1999, the number of visitors has rapidly increased in Chitwan national park from 31,000 to 77,000 and still counting.

Things to do around Chitwan

  • Chitwan national park is not only famous for its wilderness experience and gorgeous sceneries, but also a great place to immerse yourself into rich culture and tradition of Terai regions. You will get to visit nearby villages where you will be welcomed by cultural dance and traditional assortments. This will give you an opportunity to have insight into the daily life of locals.
  • As Chitwan has one of the very famous tourist destinations of Nepal several pocket family to high-end cafes, restaurants, hotels, and resorts have been opened here in course of time. You can visit one of the rooftop eateries and enjoy a delicious meal while overlooking beautiful surroundings.
  • There is an option to go to the sunset point and have some self-time.
  • You can go shopping and buy some authentic handicraft and superb art pieces made by locals. You can buy vintage jewelry, batik clothes, elephant-dung paper, t-shirts, antiques made from clays, and paintings.
  • Visit the Tharu museum and research center in Bachhauli to get a deep insight into the life and history of this ethnic group.

Things to do in Chitwan National Park

Elephant Ride in Chitwan national park

Elephant ride or Elephant Safari is one of the most popular Jungle activities in Chitwan National Park. Traversing through open grassland on the back of an elephant in search of other wild animals will increase the thrill and adventure of your stay in Chitwan. Elephant Safari is the best way to see rare animals closely. As close as you can be just a meter away from other wild animals.

Jungle Safari in Chitwan National park

During Chitwan jungle safari in Chitwan national park, you will get to see many animals like one-horned rhinos, deers, tiger, crocodiles, etc. You will also get to witness various species of flora and birds. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you might also get to see Royal Bengal tiger closely and you can do safari in Chitwan National park either by Elephant riding or Jeep.

Canoe Ride in Chitwan National park

Canoeing is one of the thrilling outdoor activity that Chitwan National Park is famous for. Flowing down the calm Rapti River, you will get to see gorgeous sceneries along with birds, crocodiles, and other animals on the bank of the river. You don't have to peddle yourself as a guide will join you during the canoe ride. Miles away from your hectic life, enjoying peaceful moments while capturing some of the best views, this indeed is must have to do activity in Chitwan.

Bird Watching in Chitwan National park

For ornithologist and botanist bird watching is the best way to see various rare birds as well as plants in Chitwan National park. Chitwan national park is known for its diverse vegetation, which has become the main reason that different types of birds can be found here. Similarly, this place is also a treasure for herbal plants and unique wildflowers.

Jeep Safari in Chitwan national Park

Drive by Jeep in to the Chitwan National park is another popular jungle activities in park and it is the best way to explore jungle in Chitwan Park. You can go further deep into the Jungle by jeep and you will have more chance see wild animals so, the Jeep Safari is a popular tourism activities in Nepal.

Tharu Cultural Show

The Tharu is indigenous community of Chitwan and the people around the Chitwan national are mostly Tharu. The Chitwan National offers cultural program with cultural dance program. The Tharu cultural program is popular tourism product in Nepal. The Danda Nach (Stick Dance), Ago Nach (Fire Dance) Mayur Nach (Peacock Dance) are the most popular cultural shows of Tharu cultural program.

We have 3 days Chitwan Jungle safari tour however if you need to shorter or longer tour in Chitwan Natioanl park, it is not a problem and contact us for the tour cost and booking.