There are numerous famed lakes in Nepal with the 3 major ones located in Pokhara valley, Nepal. Out of these lakes, the most amazing yet frowned upon the lake is the Begnas Lake. Begnas Lake serves as a wonderful escape for those willing to escape the daily grind, and for those that wish to comprehend the beauty of nature. The Begnas Lake resides in the Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolis, on the southeastern part of Pokhara. It is the third largest lake in Nepal and is composed of freshwater. It is fed by the Syankhudi and Talbesi, whereas the water flows out from the Khudi Khola. The lake covers an area of 3.28 square kilometers, and the average depth is 22 feet.

Brief History of Begnash Lake

Begnas Lake has been there since one can remember. Begnas Lake has been an oasis of life throughout the centuries. Since, it is a bit farther away from the main city, this lake does not get the attention it deserves. In recent years, due to the availability of easier transportation and the power of the internet, there has been a drastic increase in the number of people visiting the lake. The Begnas Lake is separated from the Rupa Lake by a forested hillock called Panchbhaiya Danda. Since ancient times locals have depended on the lake’s water, and fish for their daily survival. Nowadays, fish farming is allowed on the lake, but it is prohibited to use lake water.

Getting to Begnas Lake

Begnas Lake sits about 15 kilometers away from Pokhara. It can be accessed by options like bus, taxi, and cycling. You can catch a bus from Prithvi Chowk, Pokhara and it takes you about 30 minutes to reach the lake. Another popular option to reach the lake is by bicycle. You can hire a mountain bike in Pokhara at a cost of Rs. 800 for 12 hours. The road is fairly built, and you can even take your time to admire the morning scenery.

If you don’t want to do any sort of hard work, then you can rent a private vehicle. You can hire a vehicle from tour agency. It will save you the hassle and make the trip carefree.

Permits and fees to visit Begnas Lake

There are no permits to enter the Begnas lake, but there are permits if you need to boat on the Begnas lake. Boating on the lake tends to fluctuate depending on the boats that you hire. Boating in the Begnas Lake is comparatively cheaper than the Fewa Lake. Its low cost can be attributed to the fact that it lies away from the major city area. If you choose to get on a canoe, then the price per hour along with a paddler shall cost you Rs. 375 (Approx.). If you choose to take it by yourself, then the cost will be down by Rs. 25. Unlike the Fewa Lake, there is no island in the middle, so it could be a bit bland for the rider. The price of hiring the boat for a whole day is about Rs.1200.

Some interesting facts about Begnas Lake

There are fishing festivals held every year in Pokhara where people can catch the variety of fish, and taste the local fishes available in this area.

More than 25 species of fish are found in the Begnas Lake.

Things to do around Begnas Lake

  • The Begnas Lake is an integral part of your Pokhara tour, and it should definitely be on your bucket list. You can merge your itinerary with other day tours and tours in Nepal. During your tour in Pokhara, you can combine it with visiting the Rupa Lake or you can even combine with other tours. Include it in your list after coming from the World Peace Pagoda, and after visiting the Davis Falls & Gupteshwor Cave.
  • If you fancy serenity, then you can choose to do meditation in the banks of the lake early in the morning. You can explore the shores of the lake by walking around it, and there are many spots near the lake which are well equipped for a short picnic.
  • While exploring the lake why not mix it up by adding a short visit to the Begnas Bazar? The shops here sell wonderful souvenirs, which you can take for your loved ones and friends.
  • Begnas Lake is a surreal gift of nature that is worthy of anyone’s time and attention. Its placid waters soothe the mind and soul while the gorgeous backdrop of the Himalayas makes it a textbook example of PARADISE.

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