Whenever one says Kulekhani, the first thing that pops out in anyone’s head is the hydropower power project. It is situated in the Makwanpur district in southern Nepal. This place holds an amazing view of the landscapes. It also has one of the largest man-made a dam in Nepal i.e. Kulekhani hydropower project. This place is famous for hiking, trekking, fishing, and boating. The peaceful pond, makes it feel as if you are floating upon a large diamond lake. The surrounding will surely make you fall for that place.

History of Kulekhani

Legend has said that once King Prithvi Narayan Shah saw the first glimpse of Kathmandu Valley from the Chitlang hill while being chased away from Makwanpur due to disputes about his marriage. He was fleeing to Gorkha, but on the way reached the place from where he saw the sight of a beautiful valley with alluvial soil. He instantly fell in love with the valley and made a pledge to conquer this valley sometime, and make it the capital of his Kingdom. He succeeded in fulfilling his pledge.

Some spots to visit in Kulekhani


This place is located on the way to Kulekhani, which is famous for sightseeing. Markhu is basically a small village located on the top of Kulekhani reservoir. This is a beautiful and peaceful village, which has its own definition of peacefulness. This place has a huge suspension bridge, which can be counted as one of the major attractions for this place.


This is one of another attraction of this place, which is the first goat and sheep breeding center of Nepal. It is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal.

How to reach Kulekhani

There are various ways to reach Kulekhani, but two of the ways are used mostly. First is by driving to Dakshinkali and Hetauda highway, and the second one is Naubise to Kulekhani.