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Nepal is wonderful country to visit all year round. The spring season (March-May) & autumn (September- November) are the best trekking seasons in Nepal however many trekking, hiking and tours are available in winter season and in February as well.

Trekking in Nepal in February is possible and the February is nearly the end of winter season in Nepal. The temperature in February gets warmer day by day, high Himalayas are still covered with snow in February. People usually fear to plan trekking in February because of cold however with the proper planning, adequate equipment and select the perfect trek, the trekking in Nepal in February is not a problem.

The trekking trails in Nepal in February is less busy and some lower altitude trek includes Ghorepani-Poon hill trek, ABC trek, Everest Panorama trek, Langtang valley treks are easily accessible in February. You trek peacefully with amazing mountain views in February.

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Weather and temperature in February in Nepal

The February is the end of winter season and starts of spring season in Nepal. The mornings and nights are colder and normally days are warm and get warmer day by day. The temperature varies from place to place and altitude you trek as depends where you trek in February in Nepal. The temperature in February can go minimum minus 20 degree and maximum of 25 degree in the day time.

Benefits of Trekking in Nepal in February

Trekking in Nepal in February has some benefits and some of them are as below:

  • Trek in less crowded trails
  • The trekking trails in February less crowed compare of other busy seasons such as spring and autumn. The Everest base camp trek or Annapurna base camp trek trails are crowed so, if you prefer to trek in less crowed trail then the February is perfect time to plan your trek in Nepal.

Trekking in February in cheap price

As the February in Nepal is offseason for the trekking and hotels, hotels etc are empty in February so, many hotels and trekking company offers great discounts for trekking in Nepal So, you can travel in cheap price in February.

Clear Himalayan views

The Himalayan views in February are clear and you can find lot of snow in some of the trails so, you can also view the great snow view in February.

Some tips of Trekking in Nepal in February

  • As the weather and temperature is cold in February in Nepal so, the trekking in Nepal in February has to be planned properly to be successful to reach your destinations.
  • Check the weather report properly.
  • The weather plays the vital role to have successful trek so, we advise you to check the weather and temperature report properly when planning trekking in Nepal in February.
  • Pack the equipment properly:
  • As the temperature in February is normally cold and the weather is unpredictable, you need to pack the trekking equipment properly with enough warm clothes.

Book trek with experienced company and hire experienced guide

To have successful trek in Nepal in February, you need to book your trek with experienced company that has great track-record and trek with experienced guide that have done the trek many times in February so, the guide knows the area perfectly and can handle the situation properly if anything happened during the trek in February in Nepal.

Keep spare days

We advise you to have few spare days when planning for trekking in February in Nepal. The flight to Lukla or Jomsom where you need to take domestic flights on trek, the flights may delay or cancel due to bad weather in the mountain. You may wait some days or even a week some times for flight so, spare days are compulsory for the trek in February in Nepal.

Best Suggested Trekking in Nepal for February

Chisapani - Nagarkot Trek

The Chisapani-Nagarkot is a short 3-day trek near the Kathmandu (the capital city of Nepal). Chisapani-Nagarkot trek is doable all year around so, it can be done in February as well. Chisapani-Nagarkot does not required any experience as the trek is low altitude short trek.

Chisapani-Nagarkot trek starts with a short drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal, the Sundarijal is the start point of the trek. You then trek about 4-5 hours to reach the Chisapani where you stay overnight. You then trek to Nagarkot that takes about 6-7 hours, you can see the great Himalayan views and the views of the valleys from the trail. You have great sunset and sunrise view form the Nagarkot. You then take the last day trek to Chagunarayan temple and drive to Kathmandu to end the trek.

Ghorepani-Poon hill Trek

The Ghorepani-Poon Hill Trek is easily accessible in February. If you are planning trek in Nepal in February then the Ghorepani-Poon hill Trek is the best trek for February. It takes about 3-5 day to complete the trek and goes maximum of 3210 meter above the sea level. The sunrise views from the Poon hill is amazing when the weather is clear in February.

The Ghorepani- Poon hill Trek starts and end in Pokhara. The Pokhara is another city of Nepal that is located about 200 km west from Kathmandu and gateway of all the trekking in Annapurna region.  You take short drive from Pokhara to Nayapul and start the trek and stay first overnight at Tikhedunga. You then trek to Ghorepani next day through the jungle and hike to Poon hill to see the sunrise view next morning before trekking to Tadapani. You then trek to Ghandruk and finally trek to Nayapul and drive to Pokhara to conclude the trek in Pokhara. The Ghorepani-Poon hill Trek is highly recommended if you are planning to trek in Nepal in February.

Langtang Valley Trek

The langtang valley trek in another recommended trek for February in Nepal. It takes about 7-9 days to trek in Langtang valley. The Langtang valley does not have high passes as you just trek to the Kyanjung Gumpa and return. So, there is not any problem to trek in Langtang valley in February.

The Langtang valley trek starts with a day drive from Kathmandu to Syaprubeshi. You then trek to Lama Hotel, to Langtang village and finally to Kyanjing valley. You return to Lama Hotel after a day to explore the Kyanjing valley and surroundings. Take a higher route to Syaprugaun from Lama Hotel and finally trek to Dhunche and take drive back to Kathmandu.

The Langtang valley trek in February offers great Himalayan views and you trek in less crowed trail so, you can travel in better price and enjoy the trails.

Annapurna Base camp Trek

The Annapurna Base camp Trek is litter higher altitude trek in Nepal compare to above treks. However, Annapurna Base camp Trek is doable in February, you can have clear Himalayan views on ABC trek in February.

Annapurna Base camp Trek starts with a day drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara. You then take the trail of Ghorepani-Poon hill till the Tadapani. You then take trail to Chhomrong, Chhomrong is the gateway to Annapurna Base camp. The Annapurna Base camp trek goes continue to ABC with overnight stay at Dovan and Machhapuchhre base camp (MBC). You then take the return trail to Jhinu and to Nayapul to drive to Pokhara to conclude the trek.

The Annapurna Base camp Treks takes about 7-9 days and the ABC trek is doable all around the year and February is also a good time for the Annapurna base camp trek in Nepal.

Everest base camp trek

The Everest base camp trek is located in Sagarmatha national park and one of the natural UNESCO world heritage sites of Nepal. Most of the treks in Everest region in Nepal starts and end in Lukla as there is direct flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. The good weather is necessary to take flight to Lukla so, the Everest base camp trek is little difficult in the monsoon in Nepal such as in July and August. Moreover, the February is good time for the Everest base camp trek as the weather is better in February compare to monsoon in Nepal.

The Everest base camp trek can be done from 10-16 days by staring from Lukla. It depends on your walking pace and the days you have. We have 16-Day Everest Base camp trek that is standard and suitable for everyone. The trek goes to EBC passing by Phakding, Namche, Tengbuche, Dingbuche, Lobuche and Gorekshep. Once you reach the Everest base camp then you take the same trail to reach back to Lukla and take flight back to Kathmandu.

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